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RF Design,simulator

  • Monte carlo analysis

    sir i am ,, using IC 5.10.40 in cadence , ,, I want to make monte carlo analysis for my circuit , but my seniors here are telling that monte carlo is not working here in the version ,, how can i check that ?.. i am just beginer , please reply ,,
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by rakesh reddy on Thu, Mar 20 2014
  • Fully differential opamp caluculations

    I made this schematic and I simulated this I am getting gain ~40dB and UGB 20Mhz, I want to do stability analysis for this fully differential ckt , And I want to find out --- CMRR --- PSRR ---Loop gain (from stability analysis ) How I should use cmdprobe to do stb analysis , please help me
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by rakesh reddy on Tue, Feb 11 2014
  • PSS Analysis's reliability-Difference between time domain response in PSS and Tran analysis

    I'm designing a wide band matching network to drive an antenna.The output pulse at the output of pulse generator is delivered to one N1PORT as the antenna model thet refered to a S1P file with value from 1GHz to 8GHz. I want to use this interface between antenna(S1P port with n1port component) and...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by Imank on Thu, Apr 12 2012
  • MMSIM10.1 -- a release for PA/Transmitter Designers

    Fast Envelope Analysis for APSRF and EVM calculation (+ constellation display) feature in ADE/Ocean was instroduced in MMSIM10.1. Comparing to regular Envelope analysis, fast envelope analysis could reduces simulation time from days to few hours without accuracy lose. That features are loved by PA designers...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by DevilScorpion on Tue, Oct 12 2010
  • take a fixed step time

    hi everybody did anyone know how to make a fixed step time for a transient analysis. thanks
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by kamel on Mon, Jul 13 2009
  • set a random input data

    hi did anybody know how to enter a random input data to perform a simulation using spectre (eg 1101...) thank you
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by kamel on Fri, Jul 10 2009
  • Initial DC analysis extremely slow

    I designed a serializer with a PLL. I can do post layout simulation with serializer or PLL separately. When I simulate the whole system, the spectre got stuck at the initial DC analysis. After print out "Trying 'homotopy = gmin' for nodesets.", there is nothing more to output after...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by dtgong on Wed, May 27 2009
  • path to PLL_workshop of Noise Aware PLL Design Flow

    hello, where is the folder of PLL_workshop? Is it with mmsim71 or ic5141? we have mmsim71 and ic5141_usr5 here.
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by DZhu on Sun, Mar 22 2009
  • Re: Warnings during the use of Spectre

    Hi, Lawrence Thanks for your kind help! That was useful! I solved my first and third problems, by modifying my .cshrc file. It turns out that I didn't set the right path for MMSIM and Calibre. As for problem 2, I am still bugging the person who is responsible for the licenses. Thank you again! Regards...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by Starry on Fri, Mar 6 2009
  • Blog post on simulator analysis & when to use what

    This free article isn't all that relevant for experienced designers, but for the novice, it is helpful: (Full disclosure: I wrote it.)
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by PoojanWagh on Fri, Nov 21 2008
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