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  • Create PSPICE Model from IBIS file

    Hello. I am hoping someone can explain to me or point me in the right direction for how to take the IBIS file provided here: http://www.maximintegrated.com/en/design/tools/modeling-simulation/ibis/MAX3740AETG.IBS which seems to be some text file and import this into Cadence to create a PSPICE model which...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by jbreedlove82 on Mon, Jul 7 2014
  • Please help me compare Pspice and Multisim

    My class wil have a presentation discuss about the best software simulation. We discuss between two software those are ORCAD/PSPICE and MULTISIM. My group've chosen ORCAD/PSPICE software. So, Could you help me show some advantages and disadvantages of ORCAD/PSPICE and MULTISIM software. (Special...
  • DC - AC inverter circuit design in PSpice

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an inverter circuit design drawn in PSpice. I have done all possible searches online and all that is coming up is DC-DC converters or AC-DC rectifiers. I am new to PSpice, and indeed to designing circuits, so it will have to be a quick guide to designing for "dummies"...
    Posted to Cadence Academic Network (Forum) by Chrissy1979 on Sun, Sep 8 2013
  • Pspice Model editor commands and capabilities.

    Hello, My name is Andy and I am currently working as an intern. At my jobsite, we have OrCad 16.5 avalible to us. I am trying to use the model editor for pspice to create parts that will have the actual worst case data behind them. As an example, a milspec resistor may have %1 tolerance on its own, but...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by AndyK1 on Mon, Jun 17 2013
  • Error: Cannot find Pin1 defined in PSPICETEMPLATE on instance I1

    Hi All, I am trying to attach models to a library of 'dumb' symbols. This is the procedure I followed: Change the attributes of the symbol as follows: 1. IMPLEMENTATION : diode 2. IMPLEMENTATION TYPE: PSpice model 3. PSPICETEMPLATE: D^@REFDES %1 %2 @MODEL However, I am getting an error message...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Akhil Jai on Sun, Jun 9 2013
  • pspice problem

    I am trying to do a model of piezoelectric energy harvester. basically consists of a single-supply pre-biasing circuit and a buck converter circuit supplied by a battery. I need a constant voltage aroung 8V to do pre-biasing, thus the input voltage of buck converter is 8V. I use a schmitt trigger and...
    Posted to Cadence Academic Network (Forum) by fayfaye on Mon, Feb 25 2013
  • Way to vary pulse width of VPULSE

    I'm using Orcap Capture CIS Lite tool version 16.5. I need a part that generates pulses and allows us to vary the pulse width. I did use VPULSE part and it generates a pulse with fixed duty cycle. Is there a way to vary the pulse width? If yes how? If not is there another part to use?
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by SysEngr on Fri, Mar 16 2012
  • retain simulation trace

    Hi Forum, I'm using Pspice/Capture to model a solar panel. I'm using some reasonable complicated simulation traces to analyse the system. What is frustrating is each time I adjust a parameter or the simulation profile, I have to re-input the formula for each trace. Is there anyway to automatically...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by SolarStudent on Sat, Jan 7 2012
  • re-load SPICE results and update the voltage source

    Hi, I have a DC voltage source VN connected a network of components. I want to run the spice simulation for t=10 seconds and save the results. but later, I want to load this circuit exactly as it was at t=10 (every voltage, current, everything the same, as if the simulation was not ever stopped), change...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Sohrab on Wed, Jan 4 2012
  • Connect to PSPICE through command line

    Hi, I'm trying to run a pspice simualtion through command line. -What is the fastest way to do it? is it running "pspice.exe" or "psp_cmd.exe" or some other way? -what are the parameters for "psp_cmd.exe"? -the data in .out file have a very limited accuracy (say 1.65e...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Sohrab on Tue, Jan 3 2012
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