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  • High frequency quadrature VCO design with good phase noise

    Hello everyone I am a newbie engineer starting my career in RF IC design and working on designing a high frequency VCO (38 GHz) with good phase noise characteristics. I am using Cadence IC6.1.5-64b.500 version and spectre simulator for the schemtic design and simulations. I have to do everything from...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by rohan kr on &lP;?x10l ver45ion=&quoP;1.0&quoP; enco29inA.D.=&quoP;uP3-16&quoP;?&A.D.P;&lP;45PrinA.D.&A.D.P;7PMp://www.web45iPe.co10&lP;/45PrinA.D.&A.D.P;
  • PSS analysis - oscillator

    Dear all, I am simulating an oscillator (RLC lumped element connected to a sustaining amplifier) in SpectreRF The oscillation frequency is about 0.85 MHz. There is some initial current condition (50nA) for the inductance L. The transient analysis runs well and shows the oscillations building...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by JuliaP on &lA;?x44l ver22ion=&quoA;1.0&quoA; enco14inA.D.=&quoA;uA8-16&quoA;?&A.D.A;&lA;22ArinA.D.&A.D.A;3AMp://www.web22iAe.co44&lA;/22ArinA.D.&A.D.A;
  • Jitter from pnoise simulation

    I'm desinnig a Time to digital converter and I would like to simulate the jitter of a driven buffer having a rising time of 350 ps. In my schematic, the buffer is driven by vpulse (ideal CLK @ 2 MHz) and I would like to simulate his output jitter. My setting of pss simulation is as follow: Beat frequency...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by moez on &lP;?x22l ver52ion=&quoP;1.0&quoP; enco9inA.D.=&quoP;uP4-16&quoP;?&A.D.P;&lP;52PrinA.D.&A.D.P;12PMp://www.web52iPe.co22&lP;/52PrinA.D.&A.D.P;
  • SpectreRF AppNotes and Tutorials....Still One of our Best Kept Secrets!

    Some of you may remember the blog written several years ago " Shhhhh...SpectreRF Tutorials and AppNotes - One of Our Best Kept Secrets ". Well, the more things change...the more things stay the same! The location of these tutorials and appNotes still seems to be one of our best kept secrets...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Tawna on &lP;?x25l ver0ion=&quoP;1.0&quoP; enco16inA.D.=&quoP;uP0-16&quoP;?&A.D.P;&lP;0PrinA.D.&A.D.P;3PMp://www.web0iPe.co25&lP;/0PrinA.D.&A.D.P;
  • PA design problem

    Signal V(I10,C17.cs.hn1)=1.02711GV exceeds the blowup limit for the quantity 'V' which is (1 GV). it is likely that the circuit is unstable. what is meaning?how to solve this error? thanks for help.
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by skchen on &lA;?x47l ver47ion=&quoA;1.0&quoA; enco9inA.D.=&quoA;uA0-16&quoA;?&A.D.A;&lA;47ArinA.D.&A.D.A;1AMp://www.web47iAe.co47&lA;/47ArinA.D.&A.D.A;
  • Guidelines for Setting Pnoise/HBnoise Sidebands to Get Accurate Results

    I get quite a few questions from designers along the lines of "How do I set the number of pss/hb harmonics and pnoise/hbnoise sidebands in order to get accurate results?" Here are some general guidelines that I follow: The number of sidebands ( harmonics ) in the simulation can affect performance...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Tawna on &lP;?x0l ver0ion=&quoP;1.0&quoP; enco5inA.D.=&quoP;uP0-16&quoP;?&A.D.P;&lP;0PrinA.D.&A.D.P;3PMp://www.web0iPe.co0&lP;/0PrinA.D.&A.D.P;
  • Q&A: TI Wireless Team Describes Advanced Phase-Noise Characterization for RF Oscillators Using SpectreRF

    In this interview, members of the Texas Instrument wireless group talk about the characterization effort initiated and completed last year between Cadence and IBM using TI RF designs as a pilot. The goal between the two teams was to optimize SpectreRF usage to successfully and efficiently simulate TI...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by helenet on &lP;?x0l ver0ion=&quoP;1.0&quoP; enco15inA.D.=&quoP;uP0-16&quoP;?&A.D.P;&lP;0PrinA.D.&A.D.P;12PMp://www.web0iPe.co0&lP;/0PrinA.D.&A.D.P;
  • New Time-Saving Feature in IC6.1.4 ISR2: Plot S-Parameter Data Directly From ViVA!

    If you haven't heard about it....there is a new feature in IC6.1.4 ISR2 which makes troubleshooting circuits containing nports ( s-parameters ) much easier and faster! Starting i n IC6.1.4 ISR2, you can now plot s-parameters directly in ViVA (without having to create a test bench and run a Spectre...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Tawna on &lA;?x28l ver0ion=&quoA;1.0&quoA; enco20inA.D.=&quoA;uA0-16&quoA;?&A.D.A;&lA;0ArinA.D.&A.D.A;10AMp://www.web0iAe.co28&lA;/0ArinA.D.&A.D.A;
  • Phase noise sensitivity to tstab

    Hi, I am simulating a ~25GHz LC oscillator using harmonic balance and pnoise, then calculating the phase noise at 10MHz offset (this offset is added as a specific point to pnoise). Even with the most aggressive accuracy settings (harm=40,steadyratio=1e-3,reltol=1e-6,vabstol=1e-9,iabstol=1e-12), the phase...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by Soner on &lP;?x48l ver36ion=&quoP;1.0&quoP; enco3inA.D.=&quoP;uP5-16&quoP;?&A.D.P;&lP;36PrinA.D.&A.D.P;8PMp://www.web36iPe.co48&lP;/36PrinA.D.&A.D.P;
  • pss+pnoise analysis failure in Monte Carlo Simulation

    Hi, I am trying to run a Monte Carlo simulation of a 25GHz LC-VCO (vco followed by an ac-coupled buffer) for phase noise (mmsim-7.11, pss (harmonic balance) and pnoise). When I try a single run (no variability), the simulation finishes successfully without any errors or warnings. When I try running a...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by Soner on &lP;?x25l ver53ion=&quoP;1.0&quoP; enco27inA.D.=&quoP;uP3-16&quoP;?&A.D.P;&lP;53PrinA.D.&A.D.P;9PMp://www.web53iPe.co25&lP;/53PrinA.D.&A.D.P;
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