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  • List Manipulation

    Hello guys, i would like to know on how to join same length list in this manner.. list1=("R1" "R2" "R3") ;name of components in order list2=((123 123) (234 234) (456 345)) ;xy of componets in order how can i join them into this: joinList=(("R1" (123 123)) ("R2"...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Tue, Jan 24 2012
  • Closing skill file problem.

    Hello everyone, i been doin a skill (dealing with POLY, adding ROUTE KEEP OUT) for a couple of days for now, im on debugging stage at this very moment... i had notice that my pc slow down after some time, maybe its the skill that allocates data to the memory, is there any ways to remove the file in memory...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Thu, Jan 19 2012
  • Re: how to Get Value from the Dynamic Length Window(Edited)

    Thanks Dave, but is it posible to have while statement inside delay tuning process? just like having while when selecting objects. onemore thing, how can i manage my posting in here? i've noticed that, it does not support newline. my messages are in single line format only.
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Sun, Jan 15 2012
  • Dockable skill form

    Hello everyone, i want my skill form to be dockable, meaning my form could be dock to the left side or right side of the cadence allegro window... anyone pls, thanks you
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Tue, Dec 27 2011
  • axlFormGrid Guide for Begginers

    Hello everyone, i would to create a form with grid to show my values, the problem is, I dont know how to start, can some give me some tips or simple program as reference, or guides on how to create a grid.. thanks
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Tue, Dec 27 2011
  • add component in Design Entry

    Hi everyone. I have a trouble. I use skill function below. ----------------- cnhandle = (cnmpsImport) load strcat(getShellEnvVar("CDSROOT") "/tools/fet/skill-01.00/context/cdscnCmnds.ini") opts = cnSetRunOptions( ?result cnOUT_VERBOSE ) cmdstr = "add resistor_0805.sym_2 \n add...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by hoonbin on Sun, Dec 25 2011
  • Re: Creating circular route keepout shape

    Hello Dave, It worked and is fast. Thanks for your help!
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Pawandeep on Sun, Dec 11 2011
  • Re: Creating circular route keepout shape

    This will create an unfilled shape on certain classes only and not on Route Keepout/All. Route Keepout layer needs filled circular shape.
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Pawandeep on Thu, Dec 8 2011
  • How to store components location

    Hello everyone, please help me store the value of the components location. for example. i want to get the components name layer and location. compName=dbid->name _layer=dbid->symbol->ismirror ("NO" for top and "YES" for bottom") _xy=dbid->symbol->xy cmbString=strcat...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Sun, Sep 18 2011
  • Align tool

    Present to you the tools to align objects on PCB. Welcom for comments, bugs, suggestions. Questions? Who wants to can join to development. Code in HG repository: https://bitbucket.org/Kapustin/align For download go to the download tab. Issues: How better implement onPickV() and doPickH()? Now, if put...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Silver John on Fri, Jul 22 2011
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