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  • axlGetAttachment adds a NUL character at the end of the file

    Hi all, I have a problem with the axlGetAttachment function. This is what I do... a=axlGetAttachment("testFile.txt" 'file) renameFile(a->data "MyTestFile.txt") - this is to get the file saved into the working folder p_myFile = infile("MyTestFile.txt") while(_text...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by VijayVela on Wed, Apr 10 2013
  • What's New on 16.5

    Good day everyone, Our team has been given a task to check existing skills for 16.5 compatibility. Where can I get newly added/updated skill functions documentation. I already have a feedback about a skill ( using axlAirGap develop under 16.5 ) compatibility for 16.5, but i havent confirmed it yet.....
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Thu, Jan 17 2013
  • How to edit the footprint in PCB board

    Hi every one I have routed PCB board .brd file (no schematic). I want to edit some components footprint like capacitor and diode place on the board have no polarity. Any body have knowledge about the procedure to edit the already placed and routed footprints. Regards Aamir
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by AamirZ on Sun, Oct 14 2012
  • Allegro.exe command line

    Hello Experts I have build a VB program that builds a schematic and board file based on some user inputs. I am seeing a problem during the board build section. I am using the command line interface to open a blank Allegro board file and run a script which runs a SKILL file that builds up a complete board...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by phughes on Thu, Sep 13 2012
  • PCB Service Company

    Introduction: Qmax Systems is an industry leader in high quality PCB Design and turnkey electronic engineering offering the very best service at competitive prices. With our resources and experience, we have what it takes to meet your project needs from concept to production and also be your complete...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Qmax Systems on Mon, Aug 13 2012
  • SKILL script to get the pins sequence for a particular net

    Hi, I wrote a SKILL script that returns all the pins in a net. However, I would like to have the order of these pins in that net. For example: - if I have a net NET_X with 4 pins p_1, p_2, p_3, p_4 - if there is a Cline between p_1 => p_3, Cline between p_3 => p_2, Cline between p_2 => p_4 The...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Klaap on Mon, Jul 16 2012
  • Regarding Cheapest PCB PRICE

    Hey Do anyone herehave any idea...where do i find out the cheapest pcb.. I want it for my Electronics project.. Please Help me out.. Thankss
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by ALEX289 on Fri, Jun 29 2012
  • smt pad skill

    Hi everyone I'm searching for a skill that can build an smt pad automatically. I know there is a skill that build the shaps. There is one that build the smt pads as well? eliko
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by elikmiz on Tue, Apr 17 2012
  • Running perl from skill and getting output one at a time

    Hi I would like to run a perl program from my Allegro PCB Skill code. I have skill code like below procedure(test() cid=ipcBeginProcess("perl C:/test.pl") ipcReadProcess(cid 5) ) The perl program(test.pl) is reading data/values from text files containing multiple lines and printing out values...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Pawandeep on Thu, Apr 5 2012
  • Reading an excel file

    Hi, Please advice on how to read xls file format using skill.
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Pawandeep on Wed, Apr 4 2012
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