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Ocean Script

  • OCEAN script that identifies max settings

    Hello, I am a student new to OCEAN. I am trying to optimize the gain of a multi-stage differential amplifier by finding the best combination of transistor parameters and biasing voltages. So far I have been using the following two approaches: 1) a. Run a parametric analysis of multiple variables using...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Adrian P on Wed, Nov 9 2011
  • Oceanscript fails to carry on once a simulation bombs

    Hello, I use oceanscripting to run my PVT sims in Cadence. However, while running the oceanscript, I have observed that if the simulation fails( due to some convergence issues) during one of the conditions in the script and the evaluated result returns "nil", printf/fprintf functions cannot...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by uzzy on Sat, Oct 22 2011
  • St9bad_alloc error while running Ocean

    Hi, I am running Ocean script from the unix terminal. I have several for loops inside so that I can perform multiple runs. If i have a loop that changes some variables (say from 1 to 1000), then after 300 runs, the script stops with "St9bad_alloc" error. How should I debug this? Thanks, Kumar
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by kumarp on Fri, Aug 12 2011
  • Regarding ocean script

    Hello, I have created an ocean script file for parametric simulation using Analog environment in IC 5.10.41. When I restart the virtuoso and open the schematic and load the corresponding ocean script, it runs and shows the result. But when I update the component parameters, It doesn't show any change...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Arun Sinha on Wed, Aug 10 2011
  • Monte carlo results access through ocean

    hi all, i am running monte carlo on a simple inverter, i have made changes in the netlist and run the command "spectre input.scs" from the respective netlist folder. Monte carlo results are generated. input.raw file has all the simulation results. all i want to know is, how do i access these...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by SUHAS G on Thu, Jun 2 2011
  • Aborting transient analysis after desired value is found

    I am simulating a floating gate memory model custom made in verilog. I am running several simulations using an Ocean script with varying parameters to determine total charge, time to reach total charge, retention time, etc. All of these must be done with transient analysis. My question is how do I abort...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by JayJetz on Tue, Apr 19 2011
  • Export data to CSV format

    I'm trying to export I-V curves from the Spectre Simulator into CSV files. However, the save/save as menus only allow for saving the data in a figure-format file or as a PNG/TIFF/Image File. Is there a mode, command, or code sequence that would allow me to export my data to CSV or other data formats...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by CPete on Sun, Apr 10 2011
  • Ocean script and states files

    Hi All, I would like to run through an ocean script multiple test benches which have the schematic in common but different state files. Is it possible with ocean to run mulitple states by loading them sequencially? If yes, could someone give me a few ocean lines in order to proceed? Regards, Fabian
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by frogconsultant on Mon, Jan 31 2011
  • Ocean script for Montecarlo/AMS technology

    Hy everyone, i am through this issue: i have to run montecarlo simulations with a trimming process: each montecarlo simulation must run at least twice in order to verified the results after trimming. I could not find how to run just the ith montecarlo simulation The script flow should be as folows: run...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by LucaPico on Thu, Jan 27 2011
  • running IC5141 based Monte Carlo ocean scripts in IC61 OCEAN

    Hi, I am trying to run a IC5141 based Monte Carlo ocean script in IC61 OCEAN. I understand that IC5141 based Monte Carlo scripts will not be supported in future release of IC61 OCEAN and that users should migrate their Monte Carlo scripts to OCEANXL. But from what I read online, it should still work...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by NikhilCadence on Mon, Jan 24 2011
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