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Incisive Enterprise Simulator (IES),Specman

  • Tech Tip - Double Wall Clock Performance with One Easy Step

    [Please welcome guest blogger Silas McDermott, an Application Engineer in our Field Organization] There is one very easy step that Specman users can take to roughly double the wall clock, run time performance of their testbench. In a word, "compile"! That's right: by simply compiling their...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Fri, Feb 6 2009
  • Linking C and e: The Co-Verification Link

    [Join Team Specman in welcoming guest blogger Jason Andrews. Jason is a recognized hardware-software co-verification expert ( he's written books on the subject !) and a fellow blogger ] One of the long-time features of Specman is "CVL". It stands for "Co-Verification Link", but...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Mon, Feb 2 2009
  • "ClubT" Newsletter Issue #3 Just Posted

    Specmaniacs and Other Trailblazers, The latest edition of the 'ClubT ' newsletter is now posted here , and once again there is exciting news around e , Specman, and Verification. Articles include: * Have you heard of OVM e ? * Incisive 8.2 Technology Update * Verification IP Portfolio E-x-p-a...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Tue, Jan 27 2009
  • Tech Tip: Managing Specman esv File Size

    When compiling e files on top of Specman, or when using the save command, Specman stores its state in an .esv file. However, there are times when the .esv file can become quite large -- sometimes on the order of 100s of MB. The good news is that Specman allows you to control the compression level of...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Tue, Jan 20 2009
  • Generation Debugging With "IntelliGen" (With Video)

    You might have seen the Generation Debugger of Specman's new Generation Engine IntelliGen in presentations or blogs ( like Corey's blog on the testcase utility ). Let's go a little bit beyond the pictures and high level descriptions and have a look at the details of this new debugger. First...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Wed, Jan 14 2009
  • Predictions for 2009

    Having summarized the main verification technology-specific observations that the "Trailblazer" team saw in 2008 , which to recap were: 1 - 1 billion logic gate chip roadmaps are here 2 - True "Metric Driven Verification" (MDV) starts to evolve from CDV 3 - The "language war"...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by jvh3 on Tue, Jan 13 2009
  • The New Generation Testcase Utility

    Specman's new Generation Engine, "IntelliGen", adopts an entirely new generation scheme compared to the previous engine, "Pgen". It groups fields which are related via constraints into a Connected Field Set (CFS) and automatically determines the order in which all CFSs must be...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Thu, Jan 8 2009
  • The Eternal Debate: "Like" vs. "When" Inheritance

    First: Happy New Year, Specmaniacs! Much like the rivarly between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox (or if you prefer, ManU vs. Chelsea, or the Tokyo Giants vs. Hanshin Tigers, or [insert a cricket example here]), Specmaniacs have been divided into two competing camps, with one group favoring...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Mon, Jan 5 2009
  • Make Your Command Line Life Easier With "specman -e"

    Hi All, It always amazes me to see just how many Specman users make use of the interactive command line to load files, set breakpoints, run sims and debug. I just wanted to update all you command line gurus that, as of the 8.2 release of Specman, a new switch "-e" turns on some cool editing...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Mon, Dec 22 2008
  • Using e Ports

    The other day I saw some posts to the Yahoo Specman group regarding e ports. The last one in the thread asked for some introductory information on ports which I thought might make a good topic for my entry today. As I was researching what I wanted to include in the post when I came across some related...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by teamspecman on Fri, Dec 19 2008
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