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Functional Verification

  • Chip Level Verification with Processors

    Today, I will discuss some alternatives for chip-level verification with designs that have microprocessors in them. Since I started at Axis Systems back in 2001, the number of designs with processors has steadily gone from a few, to some, to most, to nearly all. Not only do most chips have processors...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by jasona on Thu, Sep 4 2008
  • OVM - The Methodology for Enabling an Industry-wide VIP Eco-System

    As the leader of the Cadence OVM development team, I was reading Richard Goering's recent article about the Cadence, Mentor, and Synopsys support for the OVM and VMM class libraries, and I wanted to make sure some key technical points were not lost. Before I get to that, I have to say I found it...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by mstellfox on Wed, Aug 13 2008
  • OVM Leaves the Nest

    OK JL , one more marketing post, but this is a good one and even hints at technical content to come. :-) Y'all may have seen that Mentor and Cadence announced that the OVM Advisory Group (OAG) has been up and running since February this year. You may notice that Mentor and Cadence are not members...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by Adam Sherilog on Wed, Aug 6 2008
  • Report from the CDV techtorials in SoCal

    To follow-up on my previous post on the techtorials, I'm posting some photos from some of the sessions last week and this Tuesday. With a ratio of 80% attendance/registered (in North America the average for these things is typically 50%), it's clear that interest in coverage driven verification...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by jvh3 on Thu, Jul 31 2008
  • Flexibility Often Yields Unexpected Results

    Often, when engineers set out to build something, the result is different from the original plan. Recently, I was reading a book titled Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days . One of the chapters is about the founding of Hotmail, one of the first e-mail websites. The founders set out...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by jasona on Tue, Jul 29 2008
  • OVM is "Open" for Business

    Open things are just curiosities until the ecosystem figures out how to turn them into money. Java and Linux are good examples of that. When they first hit the "open" space, they were interesting technical solutions to interoperability (Java) and breaking the proprietary operating system monopoly...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by Adam Sherilog on Tue, Jul 29 2008
  • Trip to SoCal "techtorials" on CDV

    Just finished packing for a quick trip to Southern California to help kickoff a round of "techtorials" on Coverage-Driven Verification (CDV) this coming week. (Thus, in a real sense I'm going out help see that the goodness of CDV I described in my last post is communicated in a very direct...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by jvh3 on Sun, Jul 20 2008
  • The value of chaos (really!)

    Ordinarily chaos is bad thing. Yet like it or not, t he world your SoC lives in is in complete chaos -- your chip will see all sorts of unexpected stimuli and unimagined use cases over time, which can lead to end users finding the bugs you missed. However, in this day and age it amazes me how many customers...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by jvh3 on Sun, Jul 13 2008
  • Why is OVM important for Specman/e customers?

    With all of the press and interest from customers adopting it, I am sure most of you have heard about the OVM (Open Verification Methodology), which is jointly developed and supported by Mentor Graphics and Cadence. If you haven't heard about the OVM, you can check out the OVM World site to read...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by mstellfox on Sat, Jul 12 2008
  • Report on the first OVM World Summit at DAC

    At the recent Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Anaheim, Calif., Cadence did not have a big booth but we were involved in many different activities. The most fun for me was the first "OVM World Summit" -- a meeting for users of the Open Verification Methodology (OVM). Cadence co-sponsered...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Weblog) by tomacadence on Sat, Jul 12 2008
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