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ELC,ELC Signalstorm Encounter Library Chatacterization

  • Encounter Library Characterizer gate recognition fails

    Dear all, I'm having a problem with the Encounter Library Characterizer tool in the ETS Suite. I'm trying to characterize standard cells, however, I'm having a problem that keeps returning at a lot of forums, but never seems to get solved. In the first step of characterization, the tool should...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Forum) by HansRey on Wed, Jan 15 2014
  • ELC alf2vhdl error: Unexpected setuphold

    Halo, I've characterized a biphase enable flip flop with scan using ELC. The alf2vhdl command is unable to write out a VITAL Timing file for the flip flop, and gives the error as given in the thread title. This is very confusing since the alf2veri command writes out a verilog timing file with ease...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Forum) by eklikeroomys on Wed, Sep 28 2011
  • RTL Compiler Cell Recognition Problem

    Hi, I'm having some trouble with getting RTL compiler to recognise more complex standard cells. I am trying to synthesize a simple binary counter with a T flip flop. For some reason the tool is unable to recognise the function of the T flip flop, which was characterized using Encounter Library Characterizer...
    Posted to Logic Design (Forum) by eklikeroomys on Fri, Sep 9 2011
  • Encounter Library Characterizer alf2vhdl problem

    I used ELC to characterize a standard cell library, and used the alf2vhdl tool to generate the vhdl VITAL timing file for the library. For some reason, the VHDL format written out by alf2vhdl is not compatible with Ambit, which I need to use to synthesize a design. There doesnt seem to be an option for...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Forum) by eklikeroomys on Tue, May 31 2011
  • Cadence ELC Biphase Flip Flop Characterization

    Has anybody ever characterized biphase flip flops using ELC before? Im having problems with floating registers, as ELC asserts the second clock before the first, the second register takes the value from the first register (which is floating), and thereby yields a random output, causing the smulation...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Forum) by eklikeroomys on Thu, May 26 2011
  • Simple yet tricky: How to instance an entire library?

    Halo, This may be real simple, but how can I instance the symbol views of an entire library into a schematic? I need a method simpler than having to individually instance all of the symbols from the library. I suppose I will have to do it that way if there is no other option. I need to do this in order...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by eklikeroomys on Tue, May 17 2011
  • Re: ELC doesn't simulate anything

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. How did you specifically solve the problem? Here is my elccfg file ########################### #Specify the environment variable settings to use for characterization. EC_SIM_USE_LSF=1; EC_SIM_LSF_CMD=""; EC_SIM_LSF_PARALLEL=10; EC_SIM_TYPE="spectre";...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Forum) by cdbular on Wed, Nov 17 2010
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