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Digital Implementation

  • Constraint Construction: What's Its Function? Part 1 of 4

    Have you found yourself frustrated at the lack of some decent timing constraints? Perhaps made critical floorplanning and placement decisions only to have them thrown out because someone forgot to mention a tiny detail in the constraints? Often times, the role of timing constraints is marginalized until...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by Thom Moore on Mon, Feb 9 2009
  • Programmatically Troubleshooting Timing Violations With "report_timing -collection"

    Has something like the following ever happened to you? You've placed and optimized a design, and you see what appears to be timing violations that could be fixed with cell changes on the worst path in the design. Like the path below that has a lot of "X1" strength cells (don't worry...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by BobD on Mon, Feb 9 2009
  • How to Create a Repeating Power Switch Pattern with addPowerSwitch

    I mentioned in my last post that I'd been having lots of fun with power switches lately. One thing I learned how to do was to set up a regular pattern for my switch columns. My first stop for learning something new is always the documentation, but there are so many different options to the addPowerSwitch...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by Kari on Mon, Feb 9 2009
  • A dbGet Code Example

    I've been having a lot of fun with power switch cells lately. That's a whole other story (and perhaps a future blog entry), but in my experiments I was able to use dbGet in some neat ways. I posted previously about getting started with dbGet here . After you've experimented with dbGet for...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by Kari on Wed, Jan 28 2009
  • ST Microelectronics – A Fountain-head of Design Innovations

    In my last blog, I asked all of you to send me your design innovations. Thanks for your over-whelming response…and keep the emails coming in. And what better way to start the New Year than to talk about ST Microelectronics and its innovations! I’m pretty darn sure that most you have heard...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by RahulD on Thu, Jan 22 2009
  • Cool Way to Add Vias!

    I knew this functionality existed, but I hadn't really put it to use until yesterday. It saved me a lot of time, so I just had to share. Here's the situation I found myself in: LVS showed that I was missing vias to a small handful of my power-switch cells. Due to the structure of the cell, we...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by Kari on Wed, Jan 14 2009
  • 3 Reasons Why You Will Want to Download Encounter 8.1

    Today is a big day in Digital Implementation land here at Cadence. Looking around http://cadence.com you'll likely see a lot of information about the new Encounter Digital Implementation System. I wanted to highlight 3 features (out of the many new features) that I think could be useful to the majority...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by BobD on Wed, Dec 3 2008
  • Innovate Your Way Out of Recession With the New Encounter!

    It's official! The U.S. economy has been in a recession for the past year. And, the global credit crunch and economic recession has pulled the semiconductor industry down to the point of entering its eleventh recession. "I'm sorry it's happening," said US President George W. Bush...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by RahulD on Wed, Dec 3 2008
  • Demo: Using the Pin Editor in SoC-Encounter

    SoC-Encounter has automatic partition pin assignment capabilites. The tool also allows us to provide guidance on where partition pins should/should not be allowed to go. However, it is sometimes useful for certain pins to be placed at certain coordinates, layers, and/or order. When this level of control...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by BobD on Tue, Dec 2 2008
  • Tapeout!

    With an early December tapeout looming, I've found myself too busy to write a post this week. But then I thought, "Why not write about tapeout?". Here are some things I try to do during a project so that those last few weeks before a deadline are as stress-free as possible: Run an early...
    Posted to Digital Implementation (Weblog) by Kari on Thu, Nov 20 2008
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