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Circuit Design

  • Circuit Design Trends: 3D-ICs Extend Scaling

    Nearly 20 years after Mark Bohr's shot heard-round-the-world on interconnect scaling and circuit design, Paul Franzon is trying to sound the all-clear. Sort of. Bohr, you'll recall, stood up at the International Electron Devices Meeting and presented his famous circuit design paper " Interconnect...
    Posted to The Fuller View (Weblog) by Brian Fuller on Tue, Jul 30 2013
  • Multi-VDD/Power-Gated Design VerilogIn

    Hi, Is there a way for the multiple-vdd and/or virtual vdd nets to be properly generated during verilogIn? The import process relies on using the schematic and symbol definitions from the artisan_cell library that is provided to us and any cells that we have power gated or supplied a lower vdd to in...
    Posted to Cadence Academic Network (Forum) by Northfork on Tue, Mar 26 2013
  • Multiple SRAMs 1 data bus

    I am creating a pcb with multiple srams connected to an FPGA on 1 data bus. I intend to clock the srams and the fpga at 150 MHz. I am concerned about what issues will arise when connecting mutliple srams to the same data bus (only 1 sram will have its output enabled at a time). For example should I worry...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by neseroth on Fri, Jan 25 2013
  • Simulating Crystal Oscillators is Much Easier in MMSIM12.1 - Part 2

    Greetings, Simulating crystal oscillators got a lot easier in MMSIM12.1... We have made enhancements to both Harmonic Balance and transient analyses. In Part 1 , I discussed Improvements to the Harmonic Balance use model. With the new streamlined Choosing Analyses form, you now can focus on getting your...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Tawna on Thu, Dec 20 2012
  • Simulating Crystal Oscillators is Much Easier in MMSIM12.1 - Part 1

    Greetings! Simulating Crystal Oscillators got a lot easier in MMSIM12.1... We have made enhancments to both Harmonic Balance and Transient analyses. In Part 1, I’ll cover Improvements to the Harmonic Balance use model. With a streamlined Choosing Analyses form you can now focus on the simulation...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Tawna on Wed, Dec 19 2012
  • New PCB Etch Technology. No CF4 required. Uniform results.

    Plasma Etch, Inc. Eliminates Green House Gas Used In The Production of Printed Circuit Boards. Plasma Etch, Inc. of Carson City, NV has announced it has developed and is now offering the worlds first truly green plasma etching system to be used in the manufacturing production of PCB’S (printed...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Plasma Etch on Mon, Dec 10 2012
  • PSPICE Simulation Error "Extra Text On Line"

    Hi, Working on an audio amplifier project for school and I'm trying to simulate the circuit in Pspice. When I actually go to run the simulation, I keep getting an "Extra Text On Line" error. Here's the output sim file: **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION **************************************...
    Posted to Cadence Academic Network (Forum) by luckyleo on Tue, Nov 27 2012
  • TI494 part and transformer modeling

    My group and I are trying to build a transformized h-bridge dc-dc converter. I was hoping to model this on spice, but have had no luck so far. First I am trying to use an ideal transformer but do not see how you enter the turns ratio to make it step up at the right ratio. Also I was hoping to try to...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Joel2012 on Mon, Nov 5 2012
  • not able to design 7447A 7segment IC in Pspice

    I tried to design a circuit using 7447A IC the 3 connections - LT, RBI and RBO are in active low. I am not able to get valid output. What should be the inputs to these 3 connections to get a valid ouptut? I have not been able to get any help regarding this on the net. They all talk of 7447 with 16 pins...
    Posted to Cadence Academic Network (Forum) by tushi on Fri, Dec 2 2011
  • Spicy Schematics for iPad - great for students, engineers, and professors!

    Spicy Schematics has gone through a few revisions and has some great new features! Create circuits with your fingers then save as, share with one-click via email or upload to the Spicy Schematics Online Circuit Library where others can download, and make screenshots for presentations ... use the group...
    Posted to Cadence Academic Network (Forum) by EdPat on Thu, Nov 3 2011
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