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Allegro Skill

  • Centering Clines Within BGA

    Hello experts, Is there a function that I can use to center only the clines inside the BGA area? If so how do go I about it? For instance, what skill code can I use to shove/move single clines or dual clines in between (or in the middle of) the BGA vias? - where if there are two clines in between vias...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eddieb1 on Fri, Feb 7 2014
  • Re: Checklist Autofill

    Thanks Dave for the reply. I'll take your code for a spin and let you know the results asap. In the meantime I'm attaching the link to the jpg file . Hopefully it will not get filtered out. Edit: 1. Run command (by clicking a button - see JPG) to look for the Jconnectors (J01, J02...J80) on a...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eddieb1 on Mon, Feb 3 2014
  • Checklist Autofill

    Hello experts, Need your help on how to do the following. 1. Run command to look for the Jconnectors (J01, J02...J80) on a brd file. 2. Place a checkmark on the checklist box identfying the Jconnectors found. 3. Deactivate (grayed out) checkbox of Jconnectors not found. 4. Run a command to delete the...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eddieb1 on Thu, Jan 30 2014
  • find out net corresponding constraint set

    Hi, Sir I would like to find what netname is corresponding to constraint set by skill. for example. net: VSS 's constraint set is default, net: LVDD 's constraint set is GSSG100_ohm...etc.
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by cc jiun on Mon, Jan 6 2014
  • SET_REFDES.IL Unable to retain the justification property of the text while retriving....

    Hi All, In the skill file attached below axlTransformObject alows us to take the mirror, location, and rotaion only. But Justification is not retained. Please help me in this.. Thanks in advance, Lalithkumar T
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by LALITH on Tue, Nov 26 2013
  • SKILL BOM-like script

    Hi all! Iam fairy new to electonics CAD systems and SKILL especially. Can someone explain to me is there a way to write a script that can create txt or xml file with list of all components (like resistors, transistors, etc.) and their properties from currect project? Sorry my english. Best regards.
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Alex Bond on Thu, Aug 8 2013
  • How to get a proceeding command?

    Hi, I am making a skill file to change line width. But It needs to change according to current command, "Add Connect" or "Add Line". So I want to know how to get a procedding command. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by myhan on Sun, Jan 20 2013
  • What's New on 16.5

    Good day everyone, Our team has been given a task to check existing skills for 16.5 compatibility. Where can I get newly added/updated skill functions documentation. I already have a feedback about a skill ( using axlAirGap develop under 16.5 ) compatibility for 16.5, but i havent confirmed it yet.....
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by eDaNoy on Thu, Jan 17 2013
  • how to print chinese font in skill?

    I need to display a button with chinese font on my form. how can i do? pls help?
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by robin chu on Tue, Jan 15 2013
  • how to print a special character using skill?

    I currently have met a problem with printing a special character using skill. ex: π. pls help!!
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by robin chu on Wed, Nov 7 2012
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