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  • Measuring Bipolar Transistor ft with Fixed Base-Collector Voltage

    Recently I had a question from reader. He asked a good question: "How do you to measure a bipolar transistor's ft when the base-collector voltage, Vbc, is fixed?" Attached is a modified version of the testbench that allows a user to measure ft with a fixed Vbc. While the aesthetics are...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Art3 on Tue, Jun 12 2012
  • Re: RE: RE: Transient simulation taking too much memory

    Hi vshssvs7, Please note that Cadence AEs respond to questions on this forum often "off hours" and/or in addition to their "regular duties". If this is a critical issue and you need immediate attention, please talk to your University staff and see how to file a Service Request at...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by Tawna on Mon, Jun 4 2012
  • Are there triggers for config and adestate viewTypes?

    Hi, I'm using IC6.1.5 and am investigating adding some customization that would occur upon the saving of views. I am aware of the dbRegPostSaveTrigger() function, but I am finding that function does not work for the config and adestate viewTypes. Is there a way to get triggers for when a config and...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by SharksFan on Wed, May 30 2012
  • Problems during ADE simulation

    Hello, i am tring to run a simple simulation about a inverter, following a guide books. i am using ic614 and mmsim61. After starting simulatio, error occured, and I get the following message: " *Error* Errors encountered during simulation.The simulator run log has not been generated. possible cause...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by erangle on Mon, May 28 2012
  • Modeling Oscillators with Arbitrary Phase Noise Profiles

    When you need to include noisy oscillators in SpectreRF transceiver simulations, you have at least 3 options: 1) Semi-autonomous simulation is the most accurate approach, recommended whenever the transistor-level model of the oscillator is available. 2) rfLib/osc model is less accurate but it’s...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Tawna on Thu, May 24 2012
  • substrate noise analysis

    Hi All, I am designing a switching amplifier using a CMOS 65nm process with a normal QFN package. So the noise induced by the switching output stage is quite large. The power supplies are separated for analog and power parts. But the noise can still get through by substrate. I want to find out what is...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by whlinfei on Wed, May 23 2012
  • Measuring 2-Tone Intermodulation Using Envelope-Following Analysis

    From time to time, SpectreRF users simulate very large, extracted-view circuits in 2+ tone QPSS. In many of those cases, memory requirements exceed the available resources. When that happens and small-signal approximations aren’t applicable, the user is typically stuck. The solution below and attached...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Tawna on Wed, May 16 2012
  • Things You Didn't Know About Virtuoso: Change is Here to Stay

    Speaking of variation -- and isn't everyone these days -- something strikes me in reading about all the powerful and elegant features of corners management and statistical analysis. After all the simulations are run and the results are presented, unless you've managed to hit a bullseye on the...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Weblog) by stacyw on Thu, Apr 5 2012
  • Using runams instead of ocean

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to get started in the use of the "runams" command. My aim is to run several simulations from a PERL command but without invoking an ocean console. I found the help of the command and I tried to follow it. However when it finally runs I get the following error...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by ptorru14 on Sat, Mar 24 2012
  • User Defined Simulator and corresponding Anlysis Option: ADE L

    In ADE I want to have a user defined simulator (say custRunSim) which can be seen in the pop down menu of simulators while cllick on Setup->simulator/Directory/host.... When user will choose the custRunSim simulator it will also change the analysis option (e.g. if simulator changes from spectre to...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by TamalDas on Sat, Mar 3 2012
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