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  • help deleting Package Geometry -> Assembly_Top shape in PCB Designer 16.5

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of rectangles in my design that are Package Geometry->Assembly_Top class/subclass. I'm not sure how they got there - I may have inadvertantly copied part of an old part that has since been deleted. Anyway, I can highlight the shape in question, and I can then see an...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mfris on Wed, Dec 12 2012
  • Allegro PCB Design 16.5, Unable to set value of constraints manager

    I can't edit Physical & Spacing constraints value since some spreadsheets were read-only state as shown in below screenshot. How can I solve this problem? And is there any way to give "read-only" property to Objects of spreadsheets in CNS manager?
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Woojin on Mon, Dec 10 2012
  • how to turn on Bubble and shove via

    Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for what must certainly be a basic question, but how in the world do you turn on the "bubble" to push and shove traces? I was battling a via that I couldn't delete (finally fixed that), but somewhere in the process I turned off push and shove and I'd...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mfris on Mon, Nov 26 2012
  • Re: cannot see grids in the flip view - v16.3

    Seems as if it is not supported in 16.5 either. Is it in 16.6? Regards
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by LoveC on Thu, Nov 15 2012
  • How to create an assembly drawing in PCB Designer 16.5

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to find some help on how to generate an assembly drawing using version 16.5 of PCB Designer. I can see under Manufacture -> Variants there is a selection to create an assembly drawing, but when I try to use that function I get an response that says, " Variants file 'variants...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mfris on Fri, Nov 9 2012
  • Positive/Negative plot mode

    Hello, I have finished (I think) my first board and I'm ready to send files to a board house for a quote. Could someone explain how I should select whether to use positive or negative plot mode? It's not clear to me when it might be appropriate to use one vs. the other, but I could imagine that...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mfris on Wed, Nov 7 2012
  • photoplot outline for complicated, imported board outline shape?

    Hi everyone, I'm going through the process of generating manufacturing files. Step 1 appears to be to add a photoplot outline. To create the outline, I relied on someone using a mechanical CAD tool to generate my board outline - I imported that outline as a .dxf file and assigned it to the Board...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mfris on Tue, Nov 6 2012
  • Creating a microvia with Pad_Designer 16.5

    Hi everyone, I have a .4mm pitch BGA that will be included on my next design, so I'd like to get set up to use microvias. I thought I could edit the dimensions of an existing thru via to make it a microvia in Pad Designer, but under Parameters/Usage options in Pad Designer, the Microvia option is...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mfris on Mon, Nov 5 2012
  • What is the best way to create a GSSG differential via structure?

    I would like to use GSSG differential via structure for the 10G Serdes signal routing. What is the best way to implement GSSG differential via structure? How to make a oblong shape Anti pad for the two differential vias? Look forward to your help. Thanks.
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Xu Zhou on Thu, Oct 25 2012
  • Line to Shape Spacing DRC on Every Trace

    Hello, I am just starting out with OrCAD 16.5 and I had a few questions. 1. I have imported a design from Capture but in connecting the traces I have a "Line to Shape Spacing" DRC at pretty much every 45* angle junction. It says "constraint value 5mil, actual value 0mil." It's...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Grue42 on Tue, Oct 23 2012
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