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  • Adding custom Properties to Part Symbols

    Is there a way to add specfic properties to a part symbol, such as "created:", "modified by:", "comment" or other company specific requirements?
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mpred on Tue, Nov 19 2013
  • Changing some fonts in Allegro Layout 16.5

    I have some general text on my design but I need a different style of text from the 'Courier' default. I only need one or two text to be changed and can use a different textblk number for this if needed. Is it possible to change just one or two text blocks to a different font?
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by tmd63 on Thu, Nov 7 2013
  • How to connect vias to specific layers

    I have a design which has 7 layers. The top layer has only short stubs. There are two layers for traces but they are sensitive signals and there is a solid ground plane above and below these two layers. I have connected these two planes at one point near the incoming supply. I also have a single ground...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by tmd63 on Thu, Sep 26 2013
  • How to display different Drill Legends on one sheet.

    I have been trying to find how to display different layer drill legends on a single sheet. The help file 'algroman.pdf' shows the type for file I am trying todisplay in Figure 2-1, but when I am in PCB Designer 16.5 and I go to the NC - Drill Legend command, it places a single outline with all...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by tmd63 on Fri, Sep 13 2013
  • Merge libraries from project archives into corporate library

    I have to merge symbol/part libraries from archived projects into the main corporate symbol/part libraries. Some of the new parts are simply rows added to the part table file (ex. new resistor value) and others are completely new: new schematic symbol, new package, new footprint, etc. A lack of library...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by MEQueen on Mon, Aug 5 2013
  • frf file for xilinx Kintex7

    Hello, I search for frf file for xc7k70t, a Kintex7 Xilinx FPGA. I need it to use in FSP program. Where can I find it? Is copying the file to .../tools/fsp/frf/K7 folder enough or should I do anything else? I use Allegro version16.5. thanks
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by SoheilMah on Thu, Jun 27 2013
  • Skill Code

    Hi all, I had installed Orcad PCb Editor on my system.When I am trying to run skill code.It shows like following " Command>Skill E-command not found skill Command> " I don't know why it shows like that.and i have set my skill path as " <home>/pcbenv " .If there is...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Vinayram on Mon, Jun 10 2013
  • Customer Support Recommended - Flex PCB Design Features in Allegro PCB Editor

    Flexible PCBs are used widely in everyday technology and electronics in addition to high-end, complex completed components. Two of the most prominent examples of flexible circuit usage are in hard disk drives and desktop printers. The following blog highlights the features of Allegro PCB Editor (Allegro...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Naveen on Fri, May 31 2013
  • Forcing via connections

    I have a multi-layer design with multiple ground plane layers. But these have issues with ground loops. How can I set something in PCB Editor 16.5 that will only connect vias to one ground plane layer and leave all other layers unconnected, so that I can use a single ground connection point.
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by tmd63 on Fri, May 3 2013
  • Customer Support Recommended - Instance and Occurrence Modes of Design Annotation using OrCAD Capture

    Assigning reference designators for the schematic instances is a very vital part of the entire PCB flow. This can sometimes become very cumbersome, and in some cases users allocate a major portion of their time and effort to get the assignments correct and optimized. Annotation is the automated process...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Naveen on Thu, May 2 2013
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