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  • Orcad Capture: Changing a homogenous symbol into a heterogene and add a part - Can it be done?
    Dear forum, Is there a way to change a homogenous part to a heterogenous and add a part within it? What I would like to do is to edit say a 4 part gate, delete the (hidden) power pins, add a fifth "power part" and place the power pins (visible) on that part. There are large libraries included with the products, but having ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Sun, Jun 22 2014
  • Why such small signs ("+", "-" etc) in PCB-Editor fonts?
    To whom it may concern at the Cadence PCB Editor development center: Why are the "polarity" signs such as "+" or "-" so infernally small compared to the size of the letters? For instance: If I want to put some text on the silkscreen next to a screw terminal and write "+24V ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Thu, Mar 20 2014
  • Re: Gerber & Drill Viewer - What's out there?
    Been there. Done That. My problem is that the drill data will not display in the same scale as the gerber data. I use Metric output, with same accuracy x,y for both Gerber 274X and Drill but ViewMate rescales the drill data to something which I am not able to adjust.
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Mon, Nov 4 2013
  • Gerber & Drill Viewer - What's out there?
    All, I have for many years been using Viewmate (Pentalogix) although never having been able to view the drill files together with the gerber data. But - my designs has worked and boards delivered has been fine. A collegue of mine has been using Camtastic..."something" in order to review my data and he was also unsuccessful in trying to ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Thu, Oct 31 2013
  • Re: Simple Import from DXF to PCB 16.6 - Incorrect Results
     You are not the only one having problems with DXF import. I have had the same experience. I cannot gurantee that what I suggest can help, but here's what I do: Open the DWG in AutoCAD. Delete every non essential drawing element. Use menu command "Purge" to get rid of any empty layers. Zoom out and issue command ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Mon, Mar 4 2013
  • Re: (16.5+) Capture Symbol Editor Wish-list
    Found it... Thanks! :-)
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Fri, May 11 2012
  • (16.5+) Capture Symbol Editor Wish-list
    One thing that I find a bit annoying is the repeated grid toggling when creating schematic symbols. Yes: It is essential to stay on grid when placing pins. Yes: It is a must to be able to place internal symbol graphics to a detail that requires the grid to be turned off. As of now, I have to get in and out of the Preferences menu all ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Fri, May 11 2012
  • Mentor Import: From what product?
    Next question: I have a design made using Mentor Expedition (EE7.x) that I want to import to my Allegro installation. From what I can see, the Import tool in Allegro is from Mentor Board Station (nets.nets, comps.comps, (etc)). Which means: Not to be used with Expedition... But if I am wrong, then do I need to do an ASCII-Out in order to ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Mon, Jan 2 2012
  • OrCAD PCB Designer "Lite" What are the limitations?
    Happy New Year... I have been trying to find out what the limitations and differences are for the OrCAD PCB Designer "Lite". Is this a version that is marketed in the USA only? Is it the same as the Demo version available for download? And then: What are the limitations regarding number of components, nets, footprints, board ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Mon, Jan 2 2012
  • Re: Footprint property for Allegro
    To answer your first question; Yes - these are the names you should enter.  In general: I have seen questions like "Where can I find footprints for download" many times. Of course, there are small libraries around on the internet that can be downloaded and used but beware - There are many opinions regarding the pad and courtyard ...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by UlfK on Fri, Dec 9 2011
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