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  • Moore no More
    "The number of watchmen required to watch the watchmen watching the watchmen tends to double every 18 months".  This gem is Alan Moore's law, posted years ago by some wag in response to an Intel article on geek.com.  This has, of course, surfaced because of the recent release of the Watchmen movie.  OK so I ...
  • Assura Foundry Support
    I've been blogging a lot about Assura recently, so I thought I would continue by talking about rule decks.  Inside Cadence, we maintain a database that shows which foundries support which process for which products.  This means that we can quickly give you an answer if you are considering using a new process or foundry, and you ...
  • Assura On Steroids
    In a recent post, I hinted at a significant performance improvement in Assura.  Our R&D team focused on performance improvements in the 3.2 release, which was shipped last August.  Based on our suite of performance benchmarks, we achieved an overall 10x performance boost.  This comes from two fundamental improvements: an ...
  • ERC in Assura II
    In my last post I talked about the layout, schematic and netlist ERC capabilities of Assura.  "But", I hear you ask, "is it programmable?" One of the characteristics that makes Assura such a natural fit within the Virtuoso custom design platform is that it shares the platform's programming language, SKILL.  So ...
  • ERC in Assura
    A few customers have recently asked whether we can provide schematic-based ERC checks.  This is no doubt spurred by a recent product announcement by one of our competitors.  No - I'm not going to say who, and I'm not going to provide a link to their product page.  We have had layout-based ERC checks as part of ...
  • Big Bang
    When something big and expensive fails, we usually hear about it in the headlines.  Recent examples include the launch failure of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory and the setback at CERN, apparently caused by a dry solder joint, that resulted in a 12-month delay in their search for the Higgs particle.  When something small and cheap ...
  • All For One
    Finally, sanity.  Concerned about the level of electronic waste created by discarded phone chargers, the European Commission has told mobile phone manufacturers that they must adopt a standard.  This will hopefully have the additional advantage of reducing blood pressures if we no longer need to rummage in our desk drawers frantically ...
  • Coffee, Anyone?
    How little the world changes.  Back in the days of 68000-based workstations, we would open up a design and retreat to the break room for a coffee while it loaded.  Now, in the gigabyte / multicore era, we open up a design and retreat to the break room for a coffee.  Moore's law clichés aside, semiconductor design is ...
  • Do foundries care about yield?
    I was talking recently with a fabless semiconductor company whose designers were confused about their foundry's strategy for design-for-yield.  They asked me whether they should follow the foundry's guidelines on yield, or formulate their own yield strategy to complement what the foundry had recommended.  I asserted ...
  • Allow myself...
    In the words of Austin Powers, "Allow myself to..." - well you get the idea.  I'm Chris, and I am a Senior Product Marketing Manager for a number of Cadence physical verification, yield analysis and mask design products.  I have about 20 years in EDA under my belt.  My professional interests include product ...
Page 1 of 1 (10 items)