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  • Measuring Bipolar Transistor ft with Fixed Base-Collector Voltage
    Recently I had a question from reader. He asked a good question: "How do you to measure a bipolar transistor's ft when the base-collector voltage, Vbc, is fixed?" Attached is a modified version of the testbench that allows a user to measure ft with a fixed Vbc. While the aesthetics are not as pleasing as the original testbench, it ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Tue, Jun 12 2012
  • Measuring Fmax for MOS Transistors
    The following question has come up in comments: "How do I measure Fmax for an MOS transistor?" The measurement methodology -- testbench, analysis, calculator setup, stimulus, etc.-- does not change whether you are measuring bipolar transistors or MOS transistors. On the other hand, the results for MOS transistors often come ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Thu, Aug 11 2011
  • Measuring Transistor fmax
    There were several questions about measuring transistor fmax in comments posted to my previous Measuring Transistor ft and Simulating MOS Transistor ft blog posts. So in this posting we will look at simulating transistor s-parameters and device characteristics including fmax, noise, and distortion. There are two parts to the characterizing a ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Tue, Dec 7 2010
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once for Transistor ft
    Recently there was an inquiry about the methodology for performing the ft (transition frequency) versus Ic measurement described in my Measuring Transistor ft blog post from July 2008: By bid75 on September 8, 2010 I am unable to understand how ft vs. Ic plot is generated. How do you do a nested sweep of dc bias current and ac analysis ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Wed, Oct 6 2010
  • Analyzing Distortion With Spectre RF
    Greetings, In the previous appends, we looked at using Shooting Newton Periodic Steady-State analysis to analyze analog circuits. In this append, we will look at using Harmonic Balance Periodic Steady-State, HBPSS, to analyze analog circuits. HBPSS is widely used for RF and microwave circuit design. However, designers often do not realize that it ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Fri, Dec 18 2009
  • Periodic Steady-State Analysis for DC-to-DC Converters
    In "Spectre RF by any other name ...", a non-RF application for Spectre RF's periodic steady-state analysis was introduced. An example of using periodic steady-state analysis [PSS] to simulate the dynamic performance: THD and SFDR, of a switched-current Digital-to-Analog Converter [DAC] was presented. In this append, we will look ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Tue, Jun 30 2009
  • Spectre RF By Any Other Name ...
    It has been a while since I last appended, hope you are well! It was a little bit difficult to come up with a subject to write about and then recently I was in a meeting where we were talking about transient noise analysis. A designer was discussing the issue of analyzing the noise of a Pipeline ADC as an example of how they use the ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Wed, Apr 22 2009
  • Simulating MOS Transistor ft
    One other question that you might ask is, this approach works for bipolars but what happens when you need to characterize a MOS transistor. Nothing changes, use the same testbench and measurements, see figure 1. In this testbench a MOS transistor is being compared to a bipolar transistor. Figure 1: MOS and BJT Comparison The simulation ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Sat, Aug 9 2008
  • Measuring Transistor ft
    So let’s consider a practical example of creating test benches and performing measurements, starting with how to characterize a transistor. A couple of questions to consider before starting are: What parameters do you want to measure? What types of test benches are required to measure these parameters? Let’s start by considering ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Wed, Jul 16 2008
  • Senrinotabi
    Greetings! My name is Art Schaldenbrand and I have been at Cadence for 12 years supporting the custom IC design tools in the Virtuoso platform. My interests tend to be as widely varied as the customers I work with, ranging from Wireless Design to CMOS Image Sensor design and Power Management design. One common theme that comes up when talking to ...
    Posted to RF Design (Weblog) by Arthur Schaldenbrand on Fri, Jul 11 2008
Page 1 of 1 (10 items)