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 Cadence QRC extraction techfile generation 

Last post Tue, Feb 12 2013 5:37 AM by RFStuff. 0 replies.
Started by RFStuff 12 Feb 2013 05:37 AM. Topic has 0 replies and 1208 views
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  • Tue, Feb 12 2013 5:37 AM

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    Cadence QRC extraction techfile generation Reply

     Dear All,

    I am trying to set up Cadence QRC extraction set up. In the beginning I
    am going to QRC using Calibre Input.  For that purpose I need to setup a
    QRC tech file.

    Steps in the QRC user guide for using QRC with Calibre input are as follows:

    1) Calibre LVS rule file translation to QRC rule translator. ( I have
    successfully translated Calibre LVS rule to QRC LVS rule file)

    2) QRC data preparation : Create a QRC technology file using Techgen

    3) Calibre Database query

    4) Run QRC.

    I am stuck with step 2.

    QRC data preparation requires   a  process file (procfile) and a p2lvsfile .

    The p2lvsfile (Process to LVS) is used by QRC to map the layer names in
    the procfile
    to the extraction layer names defined in the lvsfile.

    Using  ICT file, provided in Assura Rule files ( as provided by the foundry, foundry has NOT provided for QRC) I was able to create
    procfile and the p2lvsfile by using the Techgen -procdump command.
    step is to create a technology file (qrcTechFile) by running Techgen command.

    Techgen -simulation procfile techfile --->

    I am stuck at this step . Its taking a lot of time. after 48 hrs of
    execution This is just 1% over . Is there a way to fasten it ? How do I
    cross verify these results ?

    Can anybody please help in this regard.

    Currently I am trying to create qrcTechfile by using procfile and
    p2lvsfile by using following commands :
         1) Techgen -simulation procfile  techfle

         2) Techgen -compilation -lvs lvsfile -p2lvs p2lvsfile -length_units

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Started by RFStuff at 12 Feb 2013 05:37 AM. Topic has 0 replies.