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Last post Wed, Feb 13 2013 11:25 AM by Jeff Underwood. 16 replies.
Started by TH Designs 30 Jan 2013 05:59 AM. Topic has 16 replies and 3075 views
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  • Sun, Feb 10 2013 6:59 PM

    • redwire
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    Re: Autorouting Reply

     1,2,3 These are license based features.  Pretty much you need GXL.  It will honor these.

    As far as it avoiding previously routed traces -- it depends.  If you did not tell Specctra it could reroute them it won't.  It's worth digging in to the user manual and checking out the Specctra overview slides Cadence has.


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  • Wed, Feb 13 2013 11:25 AM

    • Jeff Underwood
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    Re: Autorouting Reply

    Hi Guys, A few points; you can access Specctra in a number of ways... Here at Motorola Solutions we use the ADW Flow Manager. I teach my guys to export router from the "File" pulldown menu and create a new folder called Specctra where all CCT related files are kept. This prevents the physical folder form getting too large as ".did" files are created everytime you access the tool. When you access Specctra from the command line ( or Flow Manager in our case) it is started in stand alone mode. If you use the Router pulldown menu to access the autorouter, Allegro is frozen and you won't be able to look at both tools at the same time. This can be a pain if you need to quickly look at silkscreen or resist. As far as Specctra moving or ripping up traces; in the "out of box" configuration, Allegro exports all traces and vias to specctra with the fix property attached. With that said, please also understand that Fix and Unfix in Allegro are slightly different than Protect, Unprotect, Soft Protect, Fix and Unfix in Specctra. We have custom skill code here that aligns the properties to match each other from Allegro to Specctra. There are times where I like to unprotect lines in Specctra to move them slightly and then kick off the router. When the traces come from Allegro in the normal format they are difficult to unprotect in Specctra. For the most part you will want all hand routed traces in Allegro to be protected in Specctra such that they remain as is and untouched. I have used Specctra since 1992 and agree that the Interactive routing within Specctra is very good. When I used Mentor I couldn't dream of having to hand route anything in Layout. I only used Specctra if possible. After switching to Allegro about 4 years ago I will ammend my opinion here to say that while Specctra is still very good; Allegro is pretty darn good as well. Ed Hickey and the guys in Chelmsford have made great improvements to Allegro in the last 3-4 years. I will also agree with one of the previous posted comments regarding Shadow Mode. I have quite a few EE's that have asked to learn Specctra just enough to use Shadow Mode to do design reviews. It is WAY better than Allegro for that reason alone..... My two cents, Thanxxx, Jeff

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Started by TH Designs at 30 Jan 2013 05:59 AM. Topic has 16 replies.