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 Reverse Netlist creation question 

Last post Wed, Sep 5 2012 5:56 PM by srftech. 0 replies.
Started by srftech 05 Sep 2012 05:56 PM. Topic has 0 replies and 861 views
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  • Wed, Sep 5 2012 5:56 PM

    • srftech
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    Reverse Netlist creation question Reply

     So I am attempting to do something here that I have never done in Cadence.  I have tried various approaches throughout the day and have gotten no where.

    Env: cadence IC514 (not my choice), using PVS DRC/LVS

    Objective:   I was asked to resurrect an old design and import it into a new project env.  The design however is proprietary (my own - so Im not inclined to make the schematic readily available to the client) and very complex, as well as I only have the GDS, thats been streamed in (original was built in another older design tool several years ago).

     I want to take this design, and use PVS to create a "netlist-able" view (symbol, schematic or auCdl) that I can then use in higher level spectre simulations, as a part of other designs. 

    I have been able to get PVS to create what looks like a correct netlist (from the PVS "Build Netlist" function) though in the comments it calls it an auLvs schematic view--no surprise, so if syntax is exactly importable to spectre is another thing.  However I have been unable to get it mapped to a symbol or auCdl view for use in the design enviroment, particularly for simulation. (Im learning to use PVS by the way, so far I've liked it.)

    So ideally: 

    1. Use the layout to create a netlist.

    2. Tie the netlist to a symbol, auCdl or schematic view so that I can use it in spectre simulations and larger blocks as a subcell.

    Thank you for any help or suggestions.



     UPDATE:  So I gave up trying to get the tool to do it for me.  By brute force I got it to work.  I started with an old spice netlist.

    1. Created a symbol. Copied it to a spectre view.  Modified CDF parameters to point to a custom model file.

    2. Manually created a CDL model file using my spice netlist.  it has to be Included in ADE as a model file for the simulator.

    --Now I could instantiate this spectre "symbol" as a cell in higher level schematics and simulate with the netlist included as a custom model file.

     3. For LVS, I merely pointed the LVS tool to my model file as a netlist instead of pointing it to the DFII cell schematic (there isnt one anyway) in the library.


    This works but it just seems that there should be an easier means for the tool to take my layout, I run a command and it extracts the netlist and creates a simulatable vew in the library cell of the original the layout.  It would save me the hassle of fighting spice syntax to cdl syntax issues, including custom model files as well as hacking CDF parameters of my spectre view (hey, I dont understand half of them anyway) to get it to work.  Then again, I still want that push buttom op-amp creation tool.  :)




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Started by srftech at 05 Sep 2012 05:56 PM. Topic has 0 replies.