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 ERROR(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving X_U1.E2 

Last post Fri, Nov 15 2013 8:59 PM by Help needed. 1 replies.
Started by Help needed 15 Nov 2013 01:09 PM. Topic has 1 replies and 447 views
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  • Fri, Nov 15 2013 1:09 PM

    ERROR(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving X_U1.E2 Reply

    I am trying to design a DC DC converter using Texas Instruments LM5119. and I keep getting this error, i have added a series resistance to both ends of the inductors that i am using, but i still get this error.

    I am using a transient model of the IC that they have on their website.

    Also i tried using another inductor from the newer coilcraft libraries, but still got this error.

    here is he simulation report, any help would be appreciated

     ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC2-Simulation2"  [ G:\work\TRY-11-PSpiceFiles\SCHEMATIC2\Simulation2.sim ]



    ** Creating circuit file "Simulation2.cir"

    * Profile Libraries :
    * Local Libraries :
    .LIB "G:/snvm383/LM5119_PSPICE_TRANS/LM5119_TRANS.LIB"
    * From [PSPICE NETLIST] section of C:\Cadence\SPB_16.5\tools\PSpice\PSpice.ini file:
    .lib "nom.lib"

    *Analysis directives:
    .TRAN  0 1000ns 0 1ns
    .PROBE V(alias(*)) I(alias(*)) W(alias(*)) D(alias(*)) NOISE(alias(*))
    .INC "..\SCHEMATIC2.net"

    **** INCLUDING SCHEMATIC2.net ****
    * source TRY-11
    C_C22         N1003481 0  470u  TC=0,0
    R_RT         0 N99286  17k TC=0,0
    C_Chb2         N99104 N99272  470n  TC=0,0
    C_Chb1         N98834 N99394  470n  TC=0,0
    R_Rfb2         N98798 N98916  14k TC=0,0
    C_C26         N996740 0  470u  TC=0,0
    R_R23         N98652 N98522  2m TC=0,0
    R_Rramp2         N99390 N99104  500k TC=0,0
    C_Css1         N99734 0  50n IC=0 TC=0,0
    C_C2         N98652 0  5u IC=36 TC=0,0
    R_R22         N98546 N98522  2m TC=0,0
    C_C1         N98546 0  5u IC=36 TC=0,0
    R_R30         N996740 N98916  20m, TC=0,0
    C_Css2         N98924 0  50n IC=0 TC=0,0
    C_C5         N98484 0  5u IC=36 TC=0,0
    R_R31         0 N100508  3m TC=0,0
    R_Rramp1         N98850 N98834  500k TC=0,0
    R_Ruv1         0 N98888  7.04k TC=0,0
    C_Cvcc1         0 N99340  1u  TC=0,0
    R_R33         0 N99618  3m TC=0,0
    C_Cramp1         0 N98850  213p  TC=0,0
    C_Cvcc2         0 N99248  1u  TC=0,0
    D_D1         N99340 N99394 PMEG6010
    X_U1         N98522 N98888 N98798 N98820 N98850 N99734 N99286 N99834 0 0
    +  N104093 N99390 N98924 N98820 N99248 0 0 N99508 N99496 N100070 N99768 N99104
    +  N99272 0 N99248 N99164 N99404 N99622 N99098 N98834 N99394 N99340 LM5119_TRANS
    R_R21         N98522 N98466  100m TC=0,0
    X_M5         N98522 N99098 N98834 IRFP064N
    X_M6         N98834 N99622 N99404 IRFP064N
    C_Cramp2         0 N99390  213p  TC=0,0
    R_R32         0 N100508  5m TC=0,0
    R_R29         0 N99618  5m TC=0,0
    R_R26         N98484 N98522  2m TC=0,0
    C_C27         N98916 N100508  45u  TC=0,0
    R_Rs1         N99164 N99404  15m TC=0,0
    V_Vin         N98466 0 50Vdc
    R_Ruv2         N98522 N98888  100k TC=0,0
    X_M7         N98522 N99768 N99104 IRFP064N
    C_Ccomp         N98798 N100486  589n  TC=0,0
    C_Chf         N98798 N98820  313p  TC=0,0
    R_R28         N1003481 N98916  20m, TC=0,0
    R_Rfb1         0 N98798  1k TC=0,0
    R_R25         N98752 N98522  2m TC=0,0
    C_Cres         N99834 0  0.47u  TC=0,0
    R_Rs2         N99508 N99496  15m TC=0,0
    C_C4         N98752 0  5u IC=36 TC=0,0
    R_R24         N98702 N98522  2m TC=0,0
    R_Rcomp         N98820 N100486  90k TC=0,0
    C_C23         N98916 N99618  45u  TC=0,0
    D_D2         N99248 N99272 PMEG6010
    C_C3         N98702 0  5u IC=36 TC=0,0
    X_M8         N99104 N100070 N99496 IRFP064N
    V_V1         N104093 M_UN0001 7Vdc
    X_L1         N104847 N105477 LDCR PARAMS:  L=47u  DCR=20m IC=0
    X_L2         N1045580 N1045581 LDCR PARAMS:  L=47u  DCR=20m IC=0
    R_R34         N1045580 N99104  1 TC=0,0
    R_R35         N104847 N98834  1 TC=0,0
    R_R36         N98916 N105477  1 TC=0,0
    R_R37         N98916 N1045581  1 TC=0,0

    **** RESUMING Simulation2.cir ****

    ERROR(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving X_U1.E2. You may break the loop by adding a series resistance
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  • Fri, Nov 15 2013 8:59 PM

    Re: ERROR(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving X_U1.E2 Reply
    So i checked by removing inductors, still got this error, placed a 1k resistance in series with main voltage source of 50vdc, still this error. does any one knows what is happening?
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Started by Help needed at 15 Nov 2013 01:09 PM. Topic has 1 replies.