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 PSpice netlist, no ground net problem 

Last post Thu, Oct 17 2013 12:20 PM by oldmouldy. 7 replies.
Started by LegendofPedro 11 Oct 2013 04:34 AM. Topic has 7 replies and 2937 views
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  • Fri, Oct 11 2013 4:34 AM

    PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply

    I'm having serious problems modelling the infinite resistor grid problem. When creating a PSpice netlist from OrCAD I am being told that I haven't included a ground net. However, I have added plenty of ground symbols (Place->Ground) and have ensured that the net name is "0".

    Any ideas about what's going wrong here?


    OrCAD/pspice error

    Full Resolution

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  • Mon, Oct 14 2013 8:40 AM

    • oldmouldy
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    • Woking, Surrey
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    Re: PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply
    You likely have connect the 0 net to an overriding object, like an off-page connector or hierarchical port. Select the DSN file in the Project Manager window and use File>Archive Project, create a single archive and attach the resulting ZIP to the forum so that the exact data, rather than just a screenshot, can be examined.
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  • Tue, Oct 15 2013 3:37 AM

    Re: PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply

    Thanks for the advice. I couldn't find any extra parts off-screen and my heirarchical block does not contain a GND symbol.

    I have attached the archive as requested.

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  • Thu, Oct 17 2013 2:06 AM

    • oldmouldy
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    • Woking, Surrey
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    Re: PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply
    This seems to be fine for me. It looks like you might be running 16.5, check that you have the latest hotfix installed, if not, get this applied and then see what you get when you run the simulation.
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  • Thu, Oct 17 2013 4:16 AM

    Re: PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply
    Indeed, my university is running v16.3. I've been going mad trying to work out why my design wasn't working and my lab demonstrators haven't been able to help. Thank you for looking into it, I'll contact the IT department and see if an upgraded version can be installed.
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  • Thu, Oct 17 2013 6:09 AM

    • alokt
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    Re: PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply

    Your design has two simulation profile and both of these are working fine in version 16.3 at my end. Can you name simulation profile where you are facing this problem? Is this "SCHEMATIC1-transient" or "inf-transient"? Also share the .out file when you get this error since we can not see the error at our end with same design.

    Having your installation updated to 16.6 is anyway good idea.


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  • Thu, Oct 17 2013 9:30 AM

    Re: PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply

    Apparently an update is out of the question.

    I've tried multiple simulation profiles but I always get a netlist generated like the one included below. No matter how or where I add GND symbols, no 0 net appears in the output file.

    **** 10/17/13 17:24:36 ******* PSpice 16.3.0 (June 2009) ****** ID# 0 ********

     ** Profile: "inf-prof2"  [ J:\My_Documents\L4\CAD in Electronics\Workshop 1B\r-networks-PSpiceFiles\inf\prof2.sim ]



    ** Creating circuit file "prof2.cir"

    * Profile Libraries :
    * Local Libraries :
    * From [PSPICE NETLIST] section of C:\Cadence\SPB_16.3\tools\PSpice\PSpice.ini file:
    .lib "nom.lib"

    *Analysis directives:
    .TRAN  0 1000ns 0
    .PROBE V(alias(*)) I(alias(*)) W(alias(*)) D(alias(*)) NOISE(alias(*))
    .INC "..\inf.net"

    **** INCLUDING inf.net ****
    * source R-NETWORKS
    R_b9_R4         N01668 N01652  1 TC=0,0
    R_b9_R8         N01668 N01588  1 TC=0,0
    R_b9_R1         N01728 N01660  1 TC=0,0
    R_b9_R5         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b9_R2         N01660 N01664  1 TC=0,0
    R_b9_R6         N01660 N01580  1 TC=0,0
    R_b9_R3         N01664 N01668  1 TC=0,0
    R_b9_R7         N01664 N01584  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R4         N01640 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R8         N01640 N01572  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R1         N01624 N01632  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R5         N01624 N01556  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R2         N01632 N01636  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R6         N01632 N01564  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R3         N01636 N01640  1 TC=0,0
    R_b8_R7         N01636 N01568  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R4         N01684 N01648  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R8         N01684 N01604  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R1         N01652 N01676  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R5         N01652 N01486  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R2         N01676 N01680  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R6         N01676 N01596  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R3         N01680 N01684  1 TC=0,0
    R_b10_R7         N01680 N01600  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R4         N01588 N01486  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R8         N01588 N01478  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R1         N01728 N01580  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R5         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R2         N01580 N01584  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R6         N01580 N01470  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R3         N01584 N01588  1 TC=0,0
    R_b5_R7         N01584 N01474  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R4         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R8         N01728 N01684  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R1         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R5         N01728 N01652  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R2         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R6         N01728 N01676  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R3         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b14_R7         N01728 N01680  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R4         N01478 N01482  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R8         N01478 N01768  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R1         N01728 N01470  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R5         N01728 N01768  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R2         N01470 N01474  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R6         N01470 N01768  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R3         N01474 N01478  1 TC=0,0
    R_b1_R7         N01474 N01768  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R4         N01604 N01764  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R8         N01604 N01532  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R1         N01486 N01596  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R5         N01486 N01482  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R2         N01596 N01600  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R6         N01596 N01524  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R3         N01600 N01604  1 TC=0,0
    R_b6_R7         N01600 N01528  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R4         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R8         N01728 N01700  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R1         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R5         N01728 N01648  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R2         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R6         N01728 N01692  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R3         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b15_R7         N01728 N01696  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R4         N01716 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R8         N01716 N01640  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R1         N01644 N01708  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R5         N01644 N01624  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R2         N01708 N01712  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R6         N01708 N01632  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R3         N01712 N01716  1 TC=0,0
    R_b12_R7         N01712 N01636  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R4         N01620 N01624  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R8         N01620 N01552  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R1         N01764 N01612  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R5         N01764 N01536  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R2         N01612 N01616  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R6         N01612 N01544  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R3         N01616 N01620  1 TC=0,0
    R_b7_R7         N01616 N01548  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R4         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R8         N01728 N01716  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R1         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R5         N01728 N01644  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R2         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R6         N01728 N01708  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R3         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b16_R7         N01728 N01712  1 TC=0,0
    V_V1         N01768 N01728 1Vdc
    R_b11_R4         N01700 N01644  1 TC=0,0
    R_b11_R8         N01700 N01620  1 TC=0,0
    R_b11_R1         N01648 N01692  1 TC=0,0
    R_b11_R5         N01648 N01764  1 TC=0,0
    R_b11_R2         N01692 N01696  1 TC=0,0
    R_b11_R6         N01692 N01612  1 TC=0,0
    R_b11_R3         N01696 N01700  1 TC=0,0
    R_b11_R7         N01696 N01616  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R4         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R8         N01728 N01668  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R1         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R5         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R2         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R6         N01728 N01660  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R3         N01728 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b13_R7         N01728 N01664  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R4         N01572 N01728  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R8         N01572 N01776  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R1         N01556 N01564  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R5         N01556 N01776  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R2         N01564 N01568  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R6         N01564 N01776  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R3         N01568 N01572  1 TC=0,0
    R_b4_R7         N01568 N01776  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R4         N01552 N01556  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R8         N01552 N01772  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R1         N01536 N01544  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R5         N01536 N01772  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R2         N01544 N01548  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R6         N01544 N01772  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R3         N01548 N01552  1 TC=0,0
    R_b3_R7         N01548 N01772  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R4         N01532 N01536  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R8         N01532 N01804  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R1         N01482 N01524  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R5         N01482 N01804  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R2         N01524 N01528  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R6         N01524 N01804  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R3         N01528 N01532  1 TC=0,0
    R_b2_R7         N01528 N01804  1 TC=0,0

    **** RESUMING prof2.cir ****

    ERROR -- Node N01668 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01652 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01588 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01728 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01660 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01664 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01580 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01584 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01640 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01572 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01624 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01632 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01556 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01636 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01564 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01568 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01684 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01648 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01604 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01676 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01486 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01680 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01596 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01600 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01478 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01470 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01474 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01482 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01768 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01764 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01532 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01524 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01528 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01700 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01692 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01696 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01716 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01644 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01708 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01712 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01620 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01552 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01612 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01536 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01616 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01544 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01548 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01776 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01772 is floating
    ERROR -- Node N01804 is floating

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  • Thu, Oct 17 2013 12:20 PM

    • oldmouldy
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    Re: PSpice netlist, no ground net problem Reply

    Divide and Conquer is your only option. Take the raw circuit for one block, add the source and ground and try to simulate. If that works, put that in a single block and try again. If the hierarchy fails, put the circuit block(s) on numerous pages, interconnect them with off-page connectors and simulate as a flat design. If the single block hierarchy works, try adding more blocks and see where that leads.

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Started by LegendofPedro at 11 Oct 2013 04:34 AM. Topic has 7 replies.