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 Problem with 1 pin symbols loading? 

Last post Thu, Mar 14 2013 7:59 AM by Canyonbreeze. 2 replies.
Started by Canyonbreeze 13 Mar 2013 04:24 PM. Topic has 2 replies and 838 views
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  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 4:24 PM

    Problem with 1 pin symbols loading? Reply

     I'm doing a design in Design Entry HDL and importing into Allegro PCB Design L.  (Versions 16.5).  All of the multipinned parts import and place without issues.  But I have some 1 pin parts, grounded mounting holes and fiducials, that give an error trying to place "E - Cannot load symbol 'xx'".  There are no errors or warnings when exporting physical from the schematic.  When importing into the PCB there are warnings "WARNING(SPMHNI-194): Symbol 'xx' for devide 'xx' not found in PSMPATH or must be "dbdoctor"ed.".  The part symbols ARE in the PSMPATH along with all the other parts that placed without issue.  Running the DBDOCTOR database check on the symbols and re-saving them doesn't make any difference.  

    Any clues as to why I can't load these parts?  Thanks in advance.


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  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 6:06 PM

    • mcatramb91
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    Re: Problem with 1 pin symbols loading? Reply

    If you are able to locate the .psm symbols in the PSMPATH then you may be missing the padstack/shape symbol associated with the package symbol you are trying to place.  Place the symbol directly from the library and check for any messages on the Allegro command line to see if it reports any padstacks or shape symbol that it could not find.  Place non-netlist based symbols from the library as follows:

    1) Place > Manually...
    2) Under the Advanced Settings tab check Library in the List Construction section
    3) Under the Placement List tab select Package Symbols from the Pull down and select the symbol you are having problems placing.

    Give this a try and see if it gives you any hints on the issue.

    Hope this helps,
    Mike Catrambone

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  • Thu, Mar 14 2013 7:59 AM

    Re: Problem with 1 pin symbols loading? Reply

     Trying the suggestion but the symbols do not show in the library list so can't be selected.  The symbols that are already placed do show up there along with all the other symbols in the libraries.  For some reason the program is not seeing these even though the files are there.


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Started by Canyonbreeze at 13 Mar 2013 04:24 PM. Topic has 2 replies.