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 Integrating PSpice models with CIS Library 

Last post Thu, Nov 1 2012 6:15 AM by alokt. 2 replies.
Started by CarlD 24 Oct 2012 02:29 PM. Topic has 2 replies and 5295 views
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  • Wed, Oct 24 2012 2:29 PM

    • CarlD
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    • Chestnut Ridge, NY
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    Integrating PSpice models with CIS Library Reply

    I am investigating adding PSpice modeling capability to existing CIS library database.  The best way I have seen it so far, is to obtain or create a PSpice model .lib or other ascii, and use that to create a symbol. Then basically place the symbol and copy the PSpice Template string to our existing library part.  The existing library part would then need a couple of additional properties that are called out in the PSpice template string, as well as the "Implementation", and "Implementation Type" property's. 

    So here's my question, does anyone have any experience doing something like this, and know of a different way to do this? Can the Ascii pspice file / .lib be compressed to the "PSpice Template" string in any other fashion?

     thank you,

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  • Wed, Oct 31 2012 2:38 PM

    • oldmouldy
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    Re: Integrating PSpice models with CIS Library Reply

    Maybe, but probably not...

    If you create a Capture symbol from a PSpice subcircuit, the pins will be named after the node names in the .SUBCKT statement, these are unlikely to match your actual graphical circuit symbol pin names.

    Take a typical op-amp:

    .SUBCKT OPAMP 1 2 49 50 99


    The PSpiceTemplate will reflect the node names:- X^@REFDES %1 %2 %49 %50 %99 @MODEL

    You part will likely have pin names of + / - / V+ / V- / OUT, this will require the PSpiceTemplate to be:- X^@REFDES %+ %- %V+ %V- %OUT @MODEL

    So simply copying the PSpiceTemplate automatically created by the Model Editor is not likely to work. Having said that, a typical 5-pin op-amp only needs one graphical symbol for all parts, the PSpiceTemplate property is set in the graphical library and the Implementation stored in the Database is set to "Transfer to Design", this will apply to many common parts that are needed for PSpice simulations.

    You don't want to put the Model data anywhere the database, the simulator needs to find the LIB file data when it runs, otherwise you will see "... missing definition for ..." messages when trying to create a netlist for simulation.

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  • Thu, Nov 1 2012 6:15 AM

    • alokt
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    Re: Integrating PSpice models with CIS Library Reply


    I agree with Oldmouldy, I think approach suggested by you would not work. If you can do the reverse, where you use the symbol generated for PSpice Model instead of one from existing library by adding additional properties, that is likely to work. Not sure if this is a viable route. PSpiceTemplate need to be in agreement with Symbol and OldMouldy has described this well.

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Started by CarlD at 24 Oct 2012 02:29 PM. Topic has 2 replies.