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 reduce left and right side of poly separately 

Last post Mon, Oct 22 2012 2:47 AM by Andrew Beckett. 2 replies.
Started by prandi 20 Oct 2012 02:29 AM. Topic has 2 replies and 773 views
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  • Sat, Oct 20 2012 2:29 AM

    • prandi
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    reduce left and right side of poly separately Reply


    My aim is reduce the size of poly on both left and right sides separately.

    Say I want to reduce the left side of poly by 5nm and right side of poly by 3 nm,Is there any way of doing it using skill?

    I tried using dbLayerSize..But it reduces the poly on both the sides equally..So,Is there any command in skill where-in you have a choice of reducing left/right side seperately.(Here, poly includes poly of both rect and polygon shapes)



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  • Sun, Oct 21 2012 10:47 AM

    Re: reduce left and right side of poly separately Reply

    Please read the Forum Guidelines. You have on two occasions posted to existing threads, for things that are not directly related. Also, this question is very similar to one you have asked earlier.

    I will split this into a separate thread (since the subject is different from the thread you appended to, to make matters worse)

    The simple answer is no, but you could prevent the top and bottom being stretched by doing a dbLayerAnd with a rectangle which is a slightly stretched version of the bounding box. I had thought of putting together an example, but since I'm still having to guess what precisely you're doing (as each post seems to have contradicting requirements), I'm going to wait until you've clarified what you're trying to do (as I asked for in your other thread).

    Please bear in mind that everyone on these forums is a volunteer, and are doing so in their spare time, and so you need to ensure that you minimize any calls on their time by maximizing the amount of information you provide.

    Kind Regards,



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  • Mon, Oct 22 2012 2:47 AM

    Re: reduce left and right side of poly separately Reply

    One quick thought as to how you could do this assymmetric sizing:

    1. Foreach polygon, find the bBox (it's an attribute on the shape itself)
    2. Looking along the point list, you can identify points which are on the top or bottom edge (because the y-coordinates will match the yCoord(upperRight(bBox)) or yCoord(lowerLeft(bBox))).
    3. From this, you should be able to determine which points form the left or right edges, because they will start from the smaller xCoord on the top to the smaller xCoord on the bottom (and similar for the right side).
    4. Any points on the left side you could update the xCoord to subtract the shift you want, and similarly for the right.
    5. The resulting point list could then be updated on the polygon.

    Needs a bit of manipulation of the point list, but it shouldn't be too difficult if the polygons are reasonably consistent.

    So you don't even need to use the dbLayer.* functions in this case.


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Started by prandi at 20 Oct 2012 02:29 AM. Topic has 2 replies.