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 Fluid gaurd rings!! 

Last post Mon, Jul 30 2012 3:21 AM by Andrew Beckett. 3 replies.
Started by bharath006 27 Jul 2012 01:15 AM. Topic has 3 replies and 1545 views
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  • Fri, Jul 27 2012 1:15 AM

    Fluid gaurd rings!! Reply

    I am trying to install fluid gaurd rings and I am getting the following error. Any help on this??

    *WARNING* (TECH-280310): Can not display install guard ring form because no valid technology library was found.

    Also, I have created a MPP. I wanted to add rodStrech handle operation to it so that I can strech it in vertical direction to get via's in rows (Usually MPP's has strech operation only in X -direction.  Trying to add strech operation in Y axis). I have looked into couple of posts and could not figure out the best suit for my requirement. Can any1 please add y axis strecth operation to my piece of code.

    prog((tech techLibName techFileName)
     techLibName = "cmos045"
     techFileName = "tech.db"
     tech = techOpenTechFile(techLibName techFileName "r")
     if(tech==nil then
     ;The template name is : M2X_M3X

      ?techId  tech
      ?name  "M2X_M3X"
      ?layer  list("M2X" "drawing")
      ?width  0.130000
      ?choppable  nil
      ?endType  "truncate"
      ?beginExt  0.000000
      ?endExt  0.000000
      ?justification  "center"
      ?offset  0.000000
      ?encSubPath  list(
       ?layer  list("M3X" "drawing")
       ?enclosure  0.000000
       ?choppable nil
       ?beginOffset  0.000000
       ?endOffset  0.000000
      ?subRect  list(
       ?layer  list("VIA2X" "drawing")
       ?width  0.070000
       ?length  0.070000
       ?choppable  t
       ?sep  0.000000
       ?justification  "center"
       ?space  0.090000
       ?beginOffset  -0.030000
       ?endOffset  -0.030000
       ?beginSegOffset  0.000000
       ?endSegOffset  0.000000
       ?gap  "distribute"
     ) ; end of leDefineMPPTemplate procedure
    ) ; end of prog in ASCII file



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  • Fri, Jul 27 2012 8:29 AM

    • dmay
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    • Allen, TX
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    Re: Fluid gaurd rings!! Reply

    Do you have any libraries in your Library Manager that are technology libraries and are writable? If you search Sourcelink for "TECH-280310", you'll find a solution that indicates you need a writable technology library.

    As for your MPPs, remember that they are paths. You can only stretch paths in the direction of the path, so you cannot stretch its width. If this is a guard ring, then hopefully the fluid guard ring will give you what you need since it is not constrained to a path.


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  • Sun, Jul 29 2012 8:17 PM

    Re: Fluid gaurd rings!! Reply

    Hi Derek,

               I remember doing it for paths which has rodStrechHandle functions attached to it. If they have these rod functions attached, we can strech in Y direction also.

    As for as fluid gaurd rings is concerend, I do have a writable tech library. Still I am not sure why I am getting this error.



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  • Mon, Jul 30 2012 3:21 AM

    Re: Fluid guard rings!! Reply


    For Fluid Guard Rings, Derek is correct. Both the technology library itself must be writable (the directory), and if there's a data.dm file, that must be writable too. For a library to be considered to be a technology library, it must have a tech.db and that must be writable too.

    For MPPs, you cannot add stretch handles to them (as level-0 objects). Stretch handles are only for pcells - if you had a pcell with a parameter which controlled some aspect of the MPP, you could use rodAssignHandleToParameter to associate a rod handle with a pcell parameter. If you're trying to stretch out the number of rows of contacts, then that's not that straightforwards, because that would vary the number of subpaths/subrectangles you are generating in the MPP. A fluid guard ring is a better way to achieve this (that was much of the reason for their introduction).



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Started by bharath006 at 27 Jul 2012 01:15 AM. Topic has 3 replies.