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 Mixed Signal Simulation Question 

Last post Thu, Jan 17 2013 1:20 AM by Andrew Beckett. 3 replies.
Started by brianzimmer 14 Jul 2011 09:10 AM. Topic has 3 replies and 1760 views
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  • Thu, Jul 14 2011 9:10 AM

    Mixed Signal Simulation Question Reply
    Hi, I have been using mixed signal simulation to test a SRAM design and it works great. I have a Verilog-AMS testbench driving the inputs and validating the outputs, and use the AMS simulator with Ultrasim as the solver and OSS as the netlister. My problem is that I would like to use this same setup to run the same simulation on the extracted netlist. I have tried Spice Import, but the netlist is huge (1 GB) so I killed it after two days. Is there any way to just point Cadence to the netlist and tell it to use that? I have tried various things but never had any success. Or alternatively, is there a way to "export" the AMS run then manually hack the files to include the right netlist? FYI, I am using StarRCXT which exports to Spice format now. I have been able to use Ultrasim to simulate the extracted netlist manually, but cannot integrate it into the AMS flow. Thanks, Brian
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  • Thu, Sep 1 2011 5:25 AM

    • Quek
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    Re: Mixed Signal Simulation Question Reply
    Hi Brian

    You can create a symbol to represent the spice netlist. It is not necessary to import it. Here are the steps:

    a.  First use starRC to generate your file and name it myfile.sp.
    b. Create a symbol named myCell with pins p1, p2, p3, ... as listed in subckt line of myFile.sp
    c. Copy symbol view of myCell as spectre view
    d. Edit CDF spectre simInfo of myCell so that "componentName" is the name of the subckt ABC in myFile.sp
    e. Ensure that pin order listed in simInfo section is the same as that of the subckt in myFile.sp
    f. Instantiate the symbol in your mixed signal schematic
    g. Add myFile.sp as one of the model files
    h. Start ams simulation

    Best regards
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  • Wed, Jan 16 2013 2:54 PM

    • Baldev
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    Re: Mixed Signal Simulation Question Reply

    Hey Quek,

     How about using the spectre simulator? Can something similiar be done?




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  • Thu, Jan 17 2013 1:20 AM

    Re: Mixed Signal Simulation Question Reply


    Yes, you'd use exactly the same procedure.


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Started by brianzimmer at 14 Jul 2011 09:10 AM. Topic has 3 replies.