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Last post Thu, Nov 11 2010 11:35 PM by Ayush. 1 replies.
Started by Ravisinha 19 Oct 2010 11:34 PM. Topic has 1 replies and 1691 views
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  • Tue, Oct 19 2010 11:34 PM

    • Ravisinha
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    end-of-test Reply
    Hi All, I am running one testcase in which i am waiting for power-on-reset to be over and then doing some sequence. In the pre_body i have raised objection and in post_body i have dropped the objection. ISSUE : In the testcase as soon as reset is getting over in the next clock edge i am getting this message "nc_specman is doing end-of-test operations" and My testcase is ending without doing any sequence which is after the reset i have written.. I dont know how all the objection is getting dropped because objection drop is happening inside the post_body and it is not reaching to that level also. Can anyone help me in understanding thsi issue. Thanks
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  • Thu, Nov 11 2010 11:35 PM

    • Ayush
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    • Bangalore, Karnataka
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    Re: end-of-test Reply

    Does your problem got solved?

    Please find more detailed info related to debugging Objection

    It could happen that there is no objection to end of test during reset because of the effect of the quit() method mentioned above. This will only happen if all sequences are reset. In that case, to avoid stopping the simulation, the unit responsible for reset must raise an objection and drop the objection only after the sequences restart.

    You can use following commands to debug objects as below,

    Specman > show objection or

    Specman > trace objection

    More details van be found in cadence document "sn_usage_9.2.pdf" in your cadence tool root directory. 


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Started by Ravisinha at 19 Oct 2010 11:34 PM. Topic has 1 replies.