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 Ideas/Help Needed for Padstack Edit 

Last post Mon, Dec 5 2011 9:13 AM by Ejlersen. 5 replies.
Started by cdnsvramanan 28 Sep 2010 05:53 PM. Topic has 5 replies and 4272 views
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  • Tue, Sep 28 2010 5:53 PM

    Ideas/Help Needed for Padstack Edit Reply
    Hi Guys I give up, I tried for a while and now I don’t know what to do This is what I want to do in Skill 1.  Load a Padstack 2.  Edit the pad-definition on only selected layers, either make them null or assign a new value I tried the following methods 

    Method 1:

     a.  Get All padstacks b.  Foreach padstack and foreach pad-definition make a copy of pad definition a.  Using make_axlPadStackPadb.  Modify the values if neededc.  Create a New Padstack  Replace the old padstack with new padstack


    a.  Not able to create the pad-definition structure, error prone 

    Method 2:

    a.  Foreach padstack I use axlDBCopyPadstack and trim it by specifying the start/end layerp1=axlLoadPadstack("CIR60D40")p2 = axlDBCopyPadstack(p1, '("CONDUCTOR/RDL_SEC" "CONDUCTOR/TOP_PRM"), t)axlPadstackToDisk(p2->name)


    a.  This doesn’t seem to work, the resulting padstack still has all the pad definition on the other layersb.  Trimming doesn’t seems to work 

    Method 3:

    a.  Use Allegro Scripting all the way


    a.  Error Prone and there is no way to control occasional out of blue pop-ups  I am out of ideas and would appreciate any kind of help on this issue  Is there is any way I can load a padstack and go to a certain padstack definition on a given layer and change its vaule



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  • Tue, Sep 28 2010 6:34 PM

    • eDave
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    • Christchurch, 00-NZ
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    Re: Ideas/Help Needed for Padstack Edit Reply

    Hi Vramanan,

    I believe that method 1 is the only one that will work well - and it does work.

    You need to define the pads for every layer using make_axlPadStackPad and then create the padStack using axlDBCreatePadStack before using axlPadstackToDisk.

    Works for me.


    Dave Elder, Tait Communications
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  • Mon, Oct 4 2010 10:29 AM

    Re: Ideas/Help Needed for Padstack Edit Reply

    Hi Guys

    I was able to pull it off, here are my couple of my observation and hope it helps people who want's to go on this route

    First and foremost, understand and be aware of the the field mappings, for example

    if you are deriving values from an pad-def (padstackdbid->pads->pad) using make_axlPadstackPad then

    this is the mappig you have to follow 










    Rectangle, shape, square*


















    Make ANTI to ANTIPAD



    You have to derive the figure width and height







    Make sure that you provide proper checks for figure names like rectangle, square, shape

     for square you should only one value for the figuresize

     similarly for make_axlPadStackDrill the arrival figureSize has to be correct

    there is no way to grab the drill tolerance, you have to find the plating status of the drill using the axl function axlDBGetDrillPlating

    plus if you are touching all the padstacks then I found out that axlReplacePadstack would take a tremendous amount of time since I am passing the dbids of all the pins for a particular padstack

    for a big design it woudl take hours

    my way of getting around it is I created the new instances of the padstacks i am modifying and use the allegro's refresh padstack list option

     for a test case i was able to do things in 90 secs from 5 minutes

     Hope this is helpful for people who is messing around with padstacks :-)





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  • Wed, Nov 23 2011 10:37 PM

    • Ejlersen
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    • Joined on Mon, Jul 28 2008
    • Aalborg, Copenhagen
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    Re: Ideas/Help Needed for Padstack Edit Reply


    As a kind of follow up on this it seems like the documentation for make_axlPadStackDrill (part of axlDBCreatePadStack) not has been updated.

    If I pull the record for a padstack I get a lot of more options than what is documented.

    Anyone know the most recent argument list for make_axlPadStackDrill and also if it is possible to change the slot symbol in this way? How can we get the complete parameter list for a function?

    The undocumented parameters at least are

    drillOffset (suppose this is what was offset, but has the name changed for the function?)

    (prop nil bBox
        ((-1.842 -1.842)
     (1.841 1.841)
        ) readOnly
        t pads
        (pad:200849088 pad:200849064 pad:200849040 pad:200849016 pad:200848992
     pad:200848968 pad:200848944 pad:200848920 pad:200848896 pad:200848872
     pad:200848848 pad:200848824 pad:200848800 pad:200848776 pad:200848752
     pad:200848728 pad:200848704 pad:200848680
        ) objType "padstack"
        ("ETCH/TOP" "ETCH/BOTTOM") parent dbid:189357224 name
        "HOLE110" drillChar nil plating "NON_PLATED"
        holeType "rectangle_slot" drillNonStandard nil multiDrillData
        nil uvia nil type "through"
        keepout nil holeTolerance
        (0.0 0.0) drillFigureHeight
        1.23 drillFigureWidth 2.794 drillFigureName "RECTANGLE"
        drillSizeHeight 1.23 drillSizeWidth 2.794 drillDiameter
        1.23 drillOffset
        (0.0 0.0) isThrough t
        definition nil isPadRef nil


    Best regards


    Best regards Ole
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  • Thu, Dec 1 2011 2:24 PM

    • fxffxf
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    • ., AK
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    Re: Ideas/Help Needed for Padstack Edit Reply
    The 16.5 the padstack dbid attributes are: 
     Padstack Attributes:   padstacks in Allegro
        NAME                TYPE    DESCRIPTION
            Also includes generic object attributes
        definition          o_dbid  (see isPadRef) Points to padstack definition if this is
                                    padReference otherwise nil
        drillChar           string  drill characters (max 3)
        drillDiameter       float   Drill hole diameter (0 if slot)
        drillSizeWidth      float   width of slot, diameter if hole and extents of mulidrill
        drillSizeHeight     float   height of slot, diameter if hole and extents of mulidrill
        drillOffset         point   offset of drill hole
        drillFigureName     string  type of drill symbol (circle, square, etc.)
        drillFigureWidth    float   Width of drill symbol (for slots same as drillSizeWidth)
        drillFigureHeight   float   Height of drill symbol (for slots same as drillSizeHeight)
        drillNonStandard    string  Type of drill (nil is standard) (not supported by slots)
        holeTolerance       l_float A list of two numbers reporting the + and -
                                    drill hole tolerance
        multiDrillData      l_values If not multidrill then nil otherwise list
                                    of (rows columns clearanceX clearanceY
                                    staggered) both clearances are in dbreps
                                    and staggered is t/nil
        holeType            string  Type of hole (circle_drill, oval_slot, etc.)
        keepout             t/nil   Padstack built to accomodate anti-pads as
                                    Route keepouts for mechanical pins. This
                                    padstack can also be used for logical
                                    connections but this option is ignored.
        isPadRef            t/nil   t = padstack is a padstack reference. This means that the
                                    actual padstack is a template and the padstack's start
                                    end layers is dynamically mapped depending upon its
                                    use with a pin or via.
        isThrough           t/nil   t = through padstack
        name                string  Padstack name
        objType             string  Type of object, in this case "padstack"
        pads                ll_dbid List of pads
        parent              dbid    Design
        plating             string  One of "Plated", "Non-Plated", "Plating-Optional"
        prop                nil     Always nil, padstacks do not support properties
        startEnd            lt_layer Start and end layer of padstack
        type                string  Type of padstack; through, smd, bbvia, uvia
        uvia                t/nil   A sub-type of bbvias, to differentiate in
                                    constraint system.
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  • Mon, Dec 5 2011 9:13 AM

    • Ejlersen
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    • Aalborg, Copenhagen
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    Re: Ideas/Help Needed for Padstack Edit Reply


    Thanks for that - a bit more comprehensive than the database model description and the axlDBCreatePadstack.txt description - I got some of them from enquiering the dbid - but the exact naming and types are good giveaways.

    Best regards


    Best regards Ole
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Started by cdnsvramanan at 28 Sep 2010 05:53 PM. Topic has 5 replies.