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 Using Height Property from Orcad Capture 

Last post Wed, Apr 21 2010 4:58 PM by fxffxf. 2 replies.
Started by rgmeier3 21 Apr 2010 02:24 AM. Topic has 2 replies and 3477 views
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  • Wed, Apr 21 2010 2:24 AM

    • rgmeier3
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    Using Height Property from Orcad Capture Reply


    I would like to use the Height property in Orcad Capture and transfer it to Allegro PCB Editor. I am able to get the height property exported from Orcad and attached as a property in Allegro as a componemt property.But I have not been able to get it to replae the Package_height_max property for DRC checking. If anyone has this working please let me know the steps required.




     Below is an excerpt fro mthe props ref document. I know it is written for Concept but thisshould work for Orcad too.

    The HEIGHT property, attached to component definitions in a schematic system and a value
    maintained in user units in the database, controls package height and can be sourced from
    the Allegro Design Entry HDL Part Table File (PTF). For discrete parts, whose physical
    footprints are identical except for height variations due to multiple manufacturers, use the PTF
    package height model, which minimizes design disruption as front-end librarians may already
    be using this property for IDF support.
    When creating the physical footprint, ensure that no PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX property is
    assigned to place-bound shapes. Only those symbols whose height is driven from the
    schematic require this change. (Any existing HEIGHT properties assigned to package
    symbols take precedence.)

    To allow the DRC system to use the component-definition HEIGHT property driven from the
    PTF, choose File – Import– Logic (netin command) to map the component-definition
    HEIGHT property currently used by the IDF interface to the PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX
    property on the component definition.
    Because the HEIGHT property is defined as a component property in Allegro, it may be
    passed forward to Allegro from an Allegro Design Entry HDL netlist. Its value cannot be
    changed in the Allegro database as it is device and netlist driven.
    Define the HEIGHT property in one or more of the following locations. When the design is
    packaged, Packager XL applies the first HEIGHT value found in the following order of
    ■ as a body property in the symbol definition
    ■ in the part table as either a key or injected property
    ■ the chips.prt file as a body property
    However, the component may have only one HEIGHT property value. If the component’s
    actual height is irregular, the varying heights of its profile cannot be described using a
    HEIGHT property, and component-to-component or component-to-package-keepout DRC
    audits ignore the HEIGHT property’s value.


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  • Wed, Apr 21 2010 1:18 PM

    • steve
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    Re: Using Height Property from Orcad Capture Reply

    Give this a try:-

    1.       Set a Capture Property Component_Height.

    2.       Edit the allegro.cfg file to include Component_Height=HEIGHT under ComponentDefinitionProps.

    3.       Import into Allegro as you would normally. Ensure none of your parts have any heights set in the symbol files. (dra). The Height property will then populate the PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX and HEIGHT (From a show element on the symbol).4.       When you look at a 3D view of the board the heights should be as per the HEIGHT property.5.       There is a user preference (Setup – user preferences) under the interfaces – IDF folder called idf_ignore_comp_height. Check this property. Then when you create your IDF file the symbol based height property is used.


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  • Wed, Apr 21 2010 4:58 PM

    • fxffxf
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    Re: Using Height Property from Orcad Capture Reply

    For access this capability, you must be running 16.2 or newer.

     Allegro has a order of precendence in dealing with the PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX or MIN properties

    • the (physical) symbol  package bound shapes
    • component definition where HEIGHT is mapped to PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX
    • board 

    If you built your symbols (.dra) and assigned the PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX property to tjheir place bound shapes, this will always win over any HEIGHT (or PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX) properties injected from the schematic. So if you want to drive some or all of your place bound height values from the schematic part libraries, you should inspect your symbol files (.dra) for package height properties.


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Started by rgmeier3 at 21 Apr 2010 02:24 AM. Topic has 2 replies.