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What's Good About The SPB16.3 Release? It's Here - Download It now!

Comments(11)Filed under: PCB design, Allegro, Virtual Conference, SPB 16.3

The SPB16.3 release is now available (actually, it was available last week from the Cadence software downloads site at - http://downloads.cadence.com/).

Where has the year gone! It seems like only yesterday I was blogging about all the cool new SPB16.2 features - and now the SPB16.3 release will add additional improvements and efficiencies to your design process.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be writing about key new features available in this SPB16.3 release. You've seen my previous posts about the high level benefits and the SPB16.3 Virtual Conference, but now I'll focus on specific details. I'd like to hear which features that you've been waiting to see are the most important and useful for your design requirements and which features you'd like us to tune in future releases.

Here are a few highlights:

Allegro PCB Editor

  • Placement Replication / Placement Fine Tuning
  • Create/Disband groups in Pre-selection mode
  • Polygon Selection Window
  • Customizable Datatips
  • Resize Line Width and Gap of Differential Pairs
  • 3D Viewer
  • Flip Design
  • Etch Editing Enhancements
  • Exclusive Microvia Stacking DRC Checks
  • Via List DRC Checks
  • Design For Manufacturing Updates
  • IDX Support
  • New variables for SPB16.3
  • Allegro PCB Router - Use Via Region
  • Allegro PCB Router - Diff Pair Improvements
  • Allegro PCB Router - BB Via Clearance
  • Allegro PCB Router - Stacked Via Support
  • Allegro PCB Router - ARK option alignment
  • Allegro PCB Router - Highlight / Unhighlight bbvias
  • Allegro Constraint Manager - Match Via DRC
  • Allegro Constraint Manager - Max Via DRC
  • Allegro Constraint Manager - Differential Impedance in Constraint Manager
  • Allegro Constraint Manager - Differential Pair Renaming
  • Allegro Constraint Manager - Dynamic Phase Control for Differential Pairs
  • Allegro Constraint Manager - Online Formula Calculation
  • Allegro Global Route Environment - Bundle Edit Functionality
  • Allegro Global Route Environment - Expanded Rake Functionality
  • Allegro Global Route Environment - Plan Status and Router Status
  • RF PCB - Asymmetrical Clearance
  • RF PCB - Allegro Discrete Library to Agilent ADS Translator
  • many many more ...

Allegro PCB SI & RF SiP

  • SigXp UI Enhancements
  • Simplifying the Use of Third-Party SI Models
  • Model Editor
  • DML Path Setting
  • Case Management
  • Modeling of Metal Surface Roughness
  • Signal Quality Screening
  • PCB PI Discontinuity Modeling
  • RF SiP - Alignment of Library Manager Use Model with Custom IC Use Model
  • RF SiP - Model Import and Assignment without Packaging
  • RF SiP - IC Packaging: Simulate IC in Context of Package
  • RF SiP - Enhancements in DIE Use Flow

Allegro Package Design & System In Package

  • ADRC Integration with CM
  • Super Smooth
  • Wire Bond Updates

Allegro Design Entry HDL

  • Improved Font Support
  • Alignment and Distribution
  • Anchor Point wire stretch
  • PCB Librarian - Font Support
  • Constraint Manager - SI Model Library Management
  • Constraint Manager - Diff Pair Renaming
  • Constraint Manager - New Properties

Allegro System Architect

  • Schematic Generation Improvements
  • Export Packagable Schematics
  • Differential Pair Renaming
  • Performance Improvements
  • Signal Integrity Model Changes

Allegro Design Workbench

  • Library Flow - Improvements
  • Library Flow - Part / Model Status Changes
  • Library Flow - Deleting Models
  • Library Flow - Mechanical Parts    
  • Design Flow    - Component Browser
  • Design Flow    - LRM
  • Design Flow    - Mechanical Parts
  • Administration - Flow Manager
  • Administration - Configuration Manager

Allegro Design Entry CIS

  • Auto wiring
  • Browsing for Power Pins
  • Changing color, look and feel of Wire/Bus and Hierarchal blocks
  • Intersheet References
  • Locking Objects on Board & Schematics
  • Placing OLE objects
  • CIS Relational Table Enhancements
  • 3D Footprint Viewer

Allegro AMS Simulator

  • Probe Enhancements
  • Cursor Enhancements
  • New Design Templates
  • Highlighting in circuit and out files
  • Changing Font Properties
  • Exporting a Comma Separated (CSV) file
  • Faster dat file import and export
  • New Models in SPB16.3

I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Jerry "GenPart" Grzenia


By Abraham Contreras on December 15, 2009
Is this new version  optimized for windows vista / windows 7?

By Jerry GenPart on December 15, 2009
Hi -
Good question. The SPB16.3 release should be the first SPB Windows release supporting the Windows 7 operating system. Look for a detailed announcement in early Q1 2010 about this. The existing releases (SPB16.2/SPB16.3) already are supported on Windows Vista.

By Evan Shultz on December 22, 2009
16.3 is terrific! There's so much goodness in there that it's hard to pick just a few favorite features. It's like picking a favorite movie!
Here are my favorite new 16.3 features:
- Font support in DEHDL, although it's an overlay of the "actual" text
- Many problems in DEHDL with Windows Mode are now fixed
- Allegro gets Working Layer mode in all license tiers
- Allegro's Flip Design is very cool, especially since it's in the viewer
- The 3D Viewer in Allegro is OK, but needs more development (and STEP support in 16.4) to be useful as more than an "offshoot" to the main use of Allegro
- New Find Window in Capture is terrific - I'd love to have something similar in DEHDL and  Allegro!
And I'm hoping to get:
- Free, cross-probing viewer such as PDF schematics <-> FREE Physical viewer
- Complete redesign of BOM-HDL and Variant Editor (possibly in 16.4??)
- Replace for Global Find in DEHDL with something useful
- A "sketching" feature in DEHDL for drawing non-electrical features like block diagrams
- Drastic UI overhaul to DEHDL, at least in Windows Mode

By Jerry GenPart on December 23, 2009
Hi Evan!
Good to hear your favorites about the 16.3 release. We're working on a similar "Find" capability (above and beyond Global Find) for DEHDL.  For the non-electrical drawing capability in DEHDL, we suggest you use your favorite drawing package (Paintshop Pro, Paint, etc.) and then simply import the graphics into DEHDL. That way - you don't need to learn yet another drawing tool - just use what you like - and import it. Also, stay tuned for some of the items on your wish list - I know some are in planning.

By Vinh Luu on January 12, 2010

I just installed 16.3, love it.

I am currently use Window XP, just wonder if Cadence will discontinue to support XP any time soon? Anybody use have Window 7 and using Cadence 16.3 at this time. If so, do you have any problem?


By Jerry GenPart on January 12, 2010
Hi Vinh,

Glad you're loving SPB16.3! There are many productivity enhancements and new features to explore.

You can always visit Cadence Online Support for platform and operating system support policies. The SPB16.3 release will be the first supported release on Windows 7, but not until a few more weeks (March 2010). See this for more details - support.cadence.com/.../cos!ut/p/c5/dY1ZDoIwFEXXwgLIe8VS9RNJqrEOQdRCfwghiNJSBo3T6tUFeM_3ORcUfLH5_VLlt0trcwMJKJYRbx4SQXGKdMrQO_L1mopwhAEB-TNYhn8WIKSgxn8LkQdH2w7N92kPCdIsrrFb7uPR41W8V6SdXEXcbUhUCj4rDMNSchqm51O_q_XBNIX2-yKRj4hvqTK-OFnzLBWbx9J3By2fgw6wd-tV5TiwWbRNCZ22bz4JnA9vK_3U/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

As for Windows XP, we don't have a discontinued date posted. See here for more details - support.cadence.com/.../cos!ut/p/c5/dYxbcoIwGIXX4gI6f4JJLI-UmYiJYC1eQl6YNIIKgWBvtq5eugDPeTvznQ80jO3Nz_lovs6-Nw4UaFbiYB5jSVCISMhQsONpSmQ8RREGAfro_PtI7v-_rEQPEiEoQM8eutYB7Hr_0Y2mDShEyrxBg9jk0-ufvS2xf_6U-ZDhdSX5i3UMVXtO4uJUX96iraLSKCE0paZ2_LtoXVc7ihumjelXzrb0cij4atwXyTxsxNImr9jGT5mNUhXa33YCWeK7CoY2r1N1ndwBRjFhKg!!/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/



By Jie Tang on January 25, 2010
Is there going to be a free 16.3 viewer available for download?


By Jerry GenPart on January 25, 2010
Hi Jie,
The SPB16.3 free viewer is not available for download just yet. When it is, you can use the Cadence Online Support Solution# 11250908 to locate it (www.cadence.com/.../Downloads.aspx)
If you have installed Allegro you can use the executable in Cadence_installation_directory/tools/pcb/bin/allegro_free_viewer.exe
Jerry G.

By Gary on January 28, 2010
The rest of my engineering staff need the 16.3 viewer Now to comment, and check routing in progress and for design review meetings.  Need ASAP.

By Jerry GenPart on January 28, 2010
Hi Gary,
Understood. As soon as the SPB16.3 Viewer is available, it will be posted.

By Jerry GenPart on February 9, 2010
The Allegro Free viewer for the SPB16.3 release is now available!
Jerry G.

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