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How many DEHDL (Concept) designers customize their DEHDL environment?

Comments(8)Filed under: Front-end PCB design, Library and design data management, ConceptHDL, DEHDL

I'm curious with the availablity within DEHDL (ConceptHDL) of customizing the menus, toolbars, and softkey assignments, how many designers or site adminstrators customize their environment. Do you just add a few menu items or minor adjustments to the toolbars, or do you do quite a bit of customization? How much do you find it improving your efficiency using the product?

There are several designers who take advantage of customizing or personlizing the enviroment so they can quickly navigate, edit, and control their usage of DEHDL.

So, what's your preference -- using the default or customizing?

- Jerry GenPart


By Mike Veal on July 14, 2008
My preference is to use the console for commands. Knowing the three or four letter shorthand for commands isolates me from any changes that concept make to the GUI. You don't have to look through new icons, or menus.
Other than that, the only time I have customised is when I need a script. It's a little known fact that commands used on the console can also be used in a simple script environment and then assigned to menu's. Usefull if you want to say, change all the soft location properties to hard locations for all capacitors in a 130 page design!
There was an excellent paper presented at CDNLive India last year on this subject. I think it won a most valuable paper award, so it should be easy to find inthe post conference proceedings if anyone is interested.

By Jerry GenPart on July 14, 2008
Hi Mike - thanks for the additional tip about using the shorthand command notation in script files - this does work well. You have a good point about customizing the DEHDL environment and then needing to "merge" your customizations when a new release is available. There are plans, however, to combine the user customizations with the new release menus/softkeys so that you won't lose your local changes - this will be great! Since we usually don't change the softkeys, I'm curious if you've assigned any of the console commands to softkeys (function keys, ALT/CTRL key combinations, etc.)? It will make interacting with DEHDL a bit more efficient. I did find the paper you mentioned - "Session 5.4: Leveraging Of Scripts In Cadence Allegro Platform" - www.cdnusers.org/.../Default.aspx , but this appears to be related to the Allegro PCB Editor product rather than DEHDL. Maybe there's another paper you're referring to...

By bobo on July 17, 2008
Hi Mike - We've been standardising across our company on SPB15.2.  Having a small PCB Cad group here we have to streamline and took the decision to standardise how we distribute and set up SPB15.2.  One of the steps we took was to make extensive use of the CDS_SITE variable, such that all our users see the same thing, and can be easily supported by a small Cad team.  We had hoped to allow users to customise their Design Entry GUI's but we had an overriding requirement to add some custom items of our own.  So we placed our scripts, commands and GUI menu additions under the CDS_SITE area to have everyone pick them up. We ran into a problem though, because we found that when the users did any customising of their own, that it was derived from the out of the box configuration and not our CDS_SITE configuration. So our enterprising user would loose our "standardised" customisations and only see their own. Obviously wanting to maintain a standard solution we had to create a workaround where we now copy our custom menu and command files directly to each users local space whenever they start up Design Entry, overwriting any customisations they may have made for themselves.  This is a most inelegant workaround, and rules out user customisations for DE.  (A bug was raised with Cadence, and no solution could be provided.)  I have not looked at 16.x to see if this problem has been resolved. (Note: We recently moved to 15.7 but I have not checked if this problem remains, yet)
I just thought I'd post this, in case anyone in the community was dealt a similar crass solution as the we deployed, and can't figure out why their customisations don't stick.
Or maybe someone can show me the light...

By HarryB on July 17, 2008
We customize the QuickPick toolbar, cds_site, and Project Manager.  The Project Manager lists the tools in sequence, adds some local scripts, and gives us access to our web pages from the Web menu.  I do not customize the keys or menus because of the problem of moving the customization to the new releases.  If the customization could be done at the site level and merged it would be more useful.  Some Engineers customize the keys.  A few to the point that they had an additional keypad for their left hand.  They use the mouse with the right hand and do not like to use the keyboard.  In the QuickPick menu, I have our local power, ground, and flag symbols.  We are using release 15.7, will be moving to 16.01 and have not seen differences in either of these releases, as far as customization.

By Jerry GenPart on July 26, 2008
Hi Harry! Good to see you posting on these new forums.
Looks like you've employed most of the possible customization areas. The merging of local customizations with new releases will be addressed after the upcoming SPB16.2 release. That will provide all of us the ability to keep local customizations in place.
I really like the "improved motion technique" you mention about using a keypad for the left hand while driving the mouse in the right hand - this can make for a very efficient GUI interaction.

By Jerry GenPart on July 26, 2008
Hi "bobo".
As I indicated in a prior reply, there are plans, however, to combine the user customizations with the new release menus/softkeys so that you won't lose your local changes.
But, saying this, you have a good point about the order of precedence of local customizations - CDS install area, CDS_SITE area, local designer area. I would be happy to discuss this further with you. In addition, I would like to review the bug CCR you mention with our R&D team.
Please Email me at geraldg@cadence.com so that I can discuss this further with you.

By ahmetozsoy on October 22, 2009
We have just realized that DE HDL should be customizable and immediately begin to customize our DE HDL. That solution is perfect for management and library management so our designers work with our own libraries in Site. We also write our own programs and these softwares generates automatic PTFs according to our Stock units as well as some useful information. So our designers have information on what they are doing and when placing schematic symbols they are aware of components which are in stock or not. One problem is to synchronize DE HDL and PTF and a CCR is filled with this issue.
Thank you.

By Jerry GenPart on October 22, 2009
Hi "ahmetozsoy"
Thanks for your comments - and I'm glad you found customizing DEHDL advantageous!
I'm curious about how you're syncing PTF files. Are you using Part Manager to update the parts in the schematic based on PTF changes. Also, please Email me the CCR # - I can check on the status (as I work in Customer Support). My Email is geraldg@cadence.com.

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