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Post-DAC 2009 Survey on The XJTAG Girls

Comments(11)Filed under: Functional Verification, DAC

One non-technology item that received an extraordinary buzz at DAC 2009 were the XJTAG Girls:


For those of you not at DAC, these sales models were effective in persuading passers by to trade contact info for a chance to win a portable GPS or iPod.  Of the 5,135 combined exhibits-only and conference attendees, I'd conservatively guesstimate that the XJTAG Girls scanned about 7,500 badges.


As I can attest from first hand experience, the women were also good at screening for true prospects, immediately shuttling anyone with real questions to the company's sales & marketing execs for more in depth qualification and discussion.  (Recall that Cadence's VIP portfolio includes a JTAG Universal Verification Component (UVC), so my queries of XJTAG were legit -- honest!)

The considerable buzz the XJTAG Girls created -- both on the floor itself, and the fact they came up in almost every conversation about the show -- has prompted me to draft a blog post on the marketing tradecraft of sale models and/or female booth greeters.  But before I publish my commentary, I'd like to ask you all to take a 1 question survey on the XJTAG Girls and/or XJTAG's DAC floor strategy.

Click on this link to take the survey.

As with my last survey on "booth centric" vs. "paper centric" shows, I'll compile and share the results in this future post.

Joe Hupcey III

P.S. Yes, this is post is pretty sugar-y.  But gimme a break, it's Friday after a very long week.  I'm also drafting a "normal" DAC 2009 roll-up post as well, so stay tuned ...



By Brad Pierce on July 31, 2009
I voted for 'inappropriate'. It doesn't matter whether this "works" for one company, because it doesn't work for our profession or the larger society. Engineering needs more geniuses like Barbara Liskov, Frances Allen, and Grace Hopper, and this out-of-date sexism will encourage them to take their brains elsewhere.

By Karen Bartleson on August 3, 2009
Well said, Brad.

By Maggie on August 4, 2009
Booth Babes are as much a character fixture in a trade show as the boring middle aged guy in a polo with an embroidered logo speaking in acronyms and handing out brochures and logo stress balls.  
It doesn't bother me either way - can we get rid of both?

By Joe Hupcey III on August 4, 2009
Full disclosure: commenter "Maggie" is my sister, a Phd in organic chemistry working in industry.  I asked her to toss in her 2 cents given she is A) a female scientist, B) a veteran attendee of B2B trade shows in her industry that are spiritually similar to DAC.

By Mary Colazingari on August 4, 2009
I voted neutral.  Doesn't everyone have booth babes?  Their outfits
were minis but they weren't low cut or vulgar.  The girls were pretty
but not slutty.  I've worked a lot of professional b2b trade shows and seen much worse.

By Randy Smith on August 6, 2009
Those that have attended the Embedded Systems shows will know that this is not even close to the first time these girls have worked events for XJTAG. Clearly the company feels it works or they would have stopped by now. I do not see the need to impose rules on what is appropriate at trade shows so long as it is legal and no worse than can be seen on prime time TV. Let the market decide.

By craigth on August 7, 2009
In this economy I'm sure the 'Booth Babes' need a paying job like anyone else trying to make a living in these tough economic times! And they were successful in the task they were asked to perform.! I don't think the "boring middle aged guy in a polo shirt with an embroidered logo speaking in acronyms'"would have had the same success! As Mary and Maggie both commented 'Booth Babes' are a tradition at ANY trade show.  Try an other trade show, especially international trade shows and 'Booth Babes' will be in almost every booth unlike DAC. So if you don't like 'Booth Babes' don't look!

By The engineers that had a few beers before DAC on August 14, 2009
They did their job, bring attention to the company!

By jean on August 20, 2009
Nothing wrong with a second degre models / marketing approach,
it is to create buzz and it works...

By Martin on February 9, 2010
I have met them and they are not only personable, but intelligent marketers they know how to get people in the booth and get them to the correct people.  It is unfortunate that the ugly people of the world take offe3nse to this.  They are beautiful girls and are a joy to talk with.  If you got it flaunt it.....if not just shut up!

By Cap'n Tim on October 1, 2010
They were good and knew how to answer technical questions, I was surprised.  

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