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Five-Minute Tutorial: Encounter Command Line Help

Comments(5)Filed under: Digital Implementation, encounter, EDI system, command line, help, five minute, tutorial, five-minute

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Five-Minute Tutorial! I have several things planned for this series. Today we're going to look at getting help on the command line in the Encounter Digital Implementation (EDI) system.

Sometimes in the middle of an EDI session, you want to run a command but you can't remember the exact name, or the exact options. Sometimes you don't even know if a command exists to do what you want, but you'd like to find out if it does. Obviously, you can always look at the EDI System Text Command Reference. (And I recommend doing so to learn all about the various EDI commands. This is a manual that I use every single day!) But sometimes you just want a quick reference at your fingertips. This is available in the form of command-line help.

Let's say you want to report the transition violations in your design. You know there's a command to do that, but you don't recall if it's report_tran_violation, reportTranViolation, or something else similar. At the EDI command prompt, you can type:

encounter 31> help report_t*
Multiple commands found:

encounter 32> help reportT*
Multiple commands found:

Ah, there it is! But what are the options for this command? Now that we know the exact command name, we can do this:

encounter 33> help reportTranViolation
Usage: reportTranViolation
    [-all | -noGlobalNets]
    [-selNetFile <selNetFileName>]
    [-excNetFile <excNetFileName>]

Great! If we want more detailed info, we can then go to the Text Command Reference, but there is yet another form of help we can get right from the command line.

HOMEWORK: See what happens when you type "man reportTranViolation".

Something to be aware of: In Encounter versions 8.1 and earlier, the wildcard character * in the examples above was not required.

Another way to find command names is by using the tab key:

encounter 36> legalize <press the tab key>
legalizeFPlan  legalizePin

You could also just type the partial command name and get a message which lists the possibilities:

encounter 38> legalize
ambiguous command name "legalize": legalizeFPlan legalizePin

BE CAREFUL with this one though - if what you enter is an actual command name, you will inadvertently run that command!

I hope you've found this five-minute tutorial useful.

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By DSubbu on January 8, 2012
hi ,

   can u please let me know  clear difference between setPlaceMode -inPlaceOpt  and setPlaceMode -prePlaceOpt .

thank u.

By Kari on January 9, 2012
Hi, There are no setPlaceMode options called -inPlaceOpt or -prePlaceOpt (at least in the 10.1 EDI version). I think you mean placeDesign -inPlaceOpt and -noPrePlaceOpt. PrePlaceOpt removes buffers from the design before placement. InPlaceOpt does an optimization concurrent with placement, so make sure you have the opt settings you would like using the setOptMode command. Hope that helps!

By DSubbu on January 9, 2012
thank u very much . .

another query . .

Can u please let me know clear difference between global route ,detailroute ,globalDetailroute in Soc encouter tool as per its routing procedures . .

Thank u :-)

By Kari on January 10, 2012
A better place for your questions would be the Digital Implementation Forum. That's the place where Cadence tool users (and EDI in particular) post and answer questions relating to EDI, place and route, etc. The comments section for blogs should remain related to the blog. I'll look for your question over on the forum and answer there! Thanks so much for joining the community and reading our blogs. I hope you find the forum useful as well! Here's a direct link to get you started:
You can also search the forum to see if someone has already asked/answered a similar question.
- Kari

By DSubbu on January 10, 2012
Hi kari ,

           Thank u very much . I will be following link .

thanks ,

subbu .

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