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Things You Didn't Know About Virtuoso: RMB, OMG! ;-)

Comments(4)Filed under: Custom IC Design, Virtuoso, Virtuoso IC 6.1.3, IC 6.1

I apologize for the Internet slang in the title (urbandictionary calls OMG "the most irritating piece of chatroom vernacular in existence"), but I couldn't resist.  Ever since IC6.1 came out, it seems like every other question gets answered using the three-letter acronym (that's TLA for those in the know), RMB.  RMB to open an assistant, RMB to do this, RMB to do that.  If you can't find it anywhere else, look under your RMB (oh sorry, it means Right Mouse Button).

Well, the other day as I was doing just that, I saw some commands on the RMB that I had never realized were there.  I started looking around and realized that, hey, they've added a bunch of stuff on the right mouse button that's pretty handy. 

So here's a quick list of a few things you might want to try with your RMB.  I realize that most of these functions already have bindkeys, but heck, sometimes I don't want to have to put down that sandwich I'm holding in my left hand in order to press the "e" key...

  • In a schematic with nothing selected
    • View Fit
    • Add Instance
    • Add Pin
    • Add Wire
    • Return (if you have descended in the hierarchy)
  • In a schematic with a wire selected
    • Delete
    • Add Wire Name
    • Add Probe
  • In a schematic with an instance selected
    • Copy
    • Delete
    • Rotate
    • Descend Read
    • Descend Edit (cool, no more Shift-E--actually, did you know that now if you double-click on an instance, it does a Descend Edit too?)
  • Similar functionality is available in layout as well
  • All the new IC 6.1 assistants (Navigator, Property Editor, etc.) have context-sensitive RMB menus to do the most commonly-used command



Bonus Tip: If you have a mouse with a wheel, scrolling the wheel up and down will pan the schematic (or layout) up and down, holding Shift and "wheeling" will pan left and right and holding Ctrl and "wheeling" will zoom in and out.  For those of you so inclined, the bindkey designations for wheel scrolling are Btn4Down and Btn5Down and can be programmed just like any other bindkeys.

Well, now you can do a huge heap of your daily editing tasks using only one hand.  How great is that?  Stay tuned to this space for more Virtuoso tips and as always, feel free to share any tricks of your own or comment on what you like, don't like or would like to see in Virtuoso.


Stacey Whiteman



By Steve on June 12, 2010
Stacy - Thanks for the info (especially the bonus tip about using the scroll wheel with Shift and Ctrl).  Is there a way to scroll while creating a selection box in Virtuoso Layout Editor?  That would be a really useful feature for large, repetitive designs.

By stacyw on August 6, 2010
Sorry for the delay in responding.  We changed our internal forum interface and I lost track of comments for a while.
The default bindkey Shift-a should do what you want.  It will prompt you to enter the first corner of the selection box and then you can do whatever zoom/pan/wheel operations you want to get around before clicking the opposite corner of the selection box.
The Skill function to do this is geSingleSelectBox() in case it's not in your company's customized bindkeys.  Just bind that function to the key of your choice and away you go.
It works in both schematics and layout.
Thanks for the question--you taught me something!

By bb on August 22, 2013
Is there a way to disable the double-click to descend feature?

By stacyw on August 30, 2013
Double-click is defined under the bindkeys as "None< Btn1Down>(2)".  You can redefine this using Options->Bindkeys  in the CIW.

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