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Power Forward Initiative 

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Need for power-aware design
Across the silicon and systems design and manufacturing chain, an urgent need has emerged for an automated, power-aware design infrastructure. To facilitate and support this new era of low-power and power-efficient design innovation, the Power Forward Initiative was formed, bringing together industry leaders who share ideas and define the next generation of requirements for design chain suppliers.

Driving standardization
Drawing from the collective expertise of leading technology companies, the Power Forward Initiative helps to define and evolve the Common Power Format (CPF) together with the Si2 standards organization. CPF is an open specification language managed by Si2 that captures all power-specific design intent, constraints, and functional requirements in a single, consistent, portable format.

Leveraging automation to promote power-aware design
Cadence and the other Power Forward Initiative members are utilizing the Common Power Format to enhance the automation of power-reduction techniques, thereby increasing predictability and reducing risk. No longer constrained by the risk of low yield or costly re-spins related to power, design teams can focus their time and resources on what matters most—innovation. Achieving both functional and structural verification before incurring manufacturing costs, and with greater time-to-market opportunities, companies across the design and manufacturing chain can adopt new process geometries and start low-power design projects profitably.

Industry leaders join the Initiative
As a primary sponsor of the Power Forward Initiative, Cadence has taken a leadership role in comprehensively addressing the power design gap facing the electronics industry. Advisory members have executed, and will continue to execute, proof-point projects to validate the Power Forward approach and promote adoption of the Common Power Format. With the support of member companies, the Power Forward Initiative has established a new design infrastructure that removes power barriers, spurs innovation, and delights mutual customers.

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