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Archived Webinars: Industry Leaders Unveil Shared Vision for 20nm
Gain Clarity to Succeed at Advanced Nodes

Archived Webinars  
1 May 2012 - 3 May 2012  
If you are designing or planning to design at 20nm process technologies, don’t miss this webinar series.

At 20nm, there are multiple new and disruptive design and manufacturing discontinuities that must be understood and handled to ensure successful silicon. Moving to advanced node technology calls for a paradigm shift in the way ICs are designed and manufactured.

In this webinar series, ecosystem leaders will walk you through 20nm challenges and offer their experiences, guidance, and recommendations to help you gain clarity on how to succeed at advanced node design.

  • May 1: Industry Leaders Cadence, TSMC, and ARM Outline their Vision for 20nm Silicon Success (hosted by EETimes)
    Find out what it takes to enable foundry-optimized, higher-performance, lower-power designs at 20nm.
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  • May 2: Cadence and Samsung Semiconductor Present a Digital 20nm Solution
    We will dig deep into the requirements for, and the technology behind, the ultimate in 20nm digital design and signoff. Get the inside scoop from industry leaders on their experiences, best practices, and recommendations for success.
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  • May 3: Cadence and IBM Present a Custom 20nm Solution
    Analog and full custom design at 20nm will present a significant challenge for design engineers and layout designers. Layout-driven circuit design is a reality when considering layout-dependant effects (LDE) and dynamic coloring. Hear about addressing the challenges of 20nm design with double patterning–aware analog and custom blocks and IP. See a demonstration of dynamic coloring and hear about a 20nm design example from concept to tapeout.
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Success at 20nm requires a different kind of industry collaboration, and the shift is underway. Join us for this webinar series and find out how you can participate.